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6-1. Commerce Game Exposed - HERE

6-2. Mythological Motor Vehicle, The - HERE

6-3. Nature of Lawyercraft, The.  Lawyer Deceptions!! - HERE

6-4. Official State Office Known as Person, The - HERE

6-5. Seven Elements of Jurisdiction - HERE

6-6. Words and Phrases To Know AND To Use!! - HERE


FreemanOnTheAir.Com (Andrew Paterson)

6-7. Archive for the "Freeman-on-the-Land" Category - HERE



6-8.  First Queensland Grand Jury To Be Empanelled - HERE



6-9. This is GlobalMan - "...I then started researching the laws and legal system and found out that our legal systems are part of the control grid but that there is a way out. Indeed, there are two ways out of the legal system in Common Law countries. I chose the 'strawman recapture' mechanism. So I am now no longer subject to any statutes or any legislation on any land mass I might care to visit. It is very freeing to know that you are not subject to all those ridiculous statutes ...... In my study I found many men killed themselves as they were abused by the Illuminati corrupted courts. I have dedicated myself to stopping this murder by stealth in Australia. I have found the remedy under Common Law thanks to the great work by Thomas Anderson, Robert Menard and many others. Basically, in the former British Colonies like USA, Canada, India and Australia the marriage license is a fraudulent contract and can therefore be rescinded from the beginning and any action taken since the marriage can be lawfully undone ...... Basically the bad guys have built and entire control grid in which we are locked-in like the sheeple we are. Anyone gets 'out of line' the 'legal' system finds a statute that they can abuse you with and the Blue Gun Thugs come around and arrest you. The purpose of introducing so many statutes is to make sure that all citizens are committing crimes every day to allow the excuse of arbitrary arrest of those sheeple who wake up ...... Many men truly believe they are 'citizens'.  Anyone stupid enough, or brainwashed enough to believe they are a 'citizen' of a 'country' has waived all their rights. Their government can take them out and shoot them legally ......  Most people believe they are a 'person'. This is also not true, a human being is not a 'person'. A 'person' is also defined to be a corporation in legalese and all acts and legislation refers to the corporate person. And it is by a human being consenting to be enjoined with their corporate legal persona that allows any government to operate on them ...... Well, all things 'feminism' are legislation. This means any man in a Common Law land can at any time, like I did, rescind his consent to be governed and rescind his consent to be subject to all legislation and statutes ...... Police officers need to be put on notice that they are peace officers first and policy enforcement officers of a private company second. And if they approach someone like me as a policy enforcement officer they are nothing but a private person who has no special rights or privileges and to commit assault against me is a crime against which I am entitled to defend myself ...... So, the upshot of all this is that men have all the rights they want. They can rescind concent to be married, to be subject to statutes and legislation, and they are free to go about their lives ...... Via strawman recapture I have rescinded my consent to pay income taxes. I also chose not to pay spousal support or child support as these are voluntary and I don't volunteer. Any man paying income taxes or child support in the former British Empire is doing so by consent and he can rescind that consent should he choose to."  More HERE



6-10. Contracting with the Court - "To the extent of my knowledge you have not yet contracted with the courts as the courts are a separate service from the Gardai Siochana, and hey chin up, as long as you learn from this experience it will be a victory. When you enter the court have as much under your belt as you can, i.e. don't contract with the court by complying with your legal fiction (the name on your "Berth Certificate").
If the judge asks you to stand, step forward, etc. decline to do so. If the judge ORDERS you to do so remind him that any ORDER by the court, the court must receive a BILL, go on to say that if the BILL is not payed you can and will enforce the BILL by placing a Commercial Lien upon the judge, from other people's experiences here it seems a letter to the judge before court stating how you will proceed and that you won't be contracting, etc. might help as the judge will not want to play a public game of cat and mouse and may throw the case straight out. Also if you get your NUICR (Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right) in place you can claim your right to not take part in any legal proceedings because as a Free Man you do not understand them."      More HERE



6-11. Text of Full Page Ad Run in USA Today on Friday, July 7, 2000:  "Dear We The People:  MOST CITIZENS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO FILE AN INCOME TAX RETURN ...... These grievances concern alleged illegal operations of the federal income tax system and the IRS. THE MAIN PROPOSITIONS OF THE REMONSTRANCE ARE:  1) The 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution (the "income tax amendment") was fraudulently and illegally proclaimed to be ratified in 1913. Exhaustive legal research from both state and national archives documented conclusively that the amendment did not even come close to being legally approved by the required number of states. The Courts have refused to hear this issue.  2) Filing a federal income tax return is, in fact, voluntary, because there is no statute or regulation that requires the vast majority of U.S. citizens to file and pay income taxes -- or to have taxes withheld from the money they earn.  Neither the IRS nor the Congress can cite an authorizing law or regulation.  3) Citizens cannot "voluntarily" file a federal income tax return without surrendering their 5th amendment right not to bear witness against themselves." More HERE


Gordon, George

6-12.  School of Law - HERE

6-13.  Tax Protest - Audio, 7 Parts - HERE


Gravenhorst.  Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst (TM)

6-14. Confronted by a Police Officer in Admiralty Law Jurisdiction - HERE

6-15. No DL/Insurance, Dismissed! - This is follow up to the traffic stop and the agent contracting with her at the side of the road; I confirm our tremendous success in the courts of Richmond on March 10, 2009 for a traffic ticket!  Never been to Provincial traffic court where they get the slaves to pay for their union dues ... with traffic violations/contracts. Here is my memory of the events. I noticed that Paul Gibson, the charging constable was not in court. La Judge called out my name and I approached the microphone and said, "I claim Common Law jurisdiction". Whereupon, pursuant to 8 witnesses, she fumbled with her papers and said, "Well.... we won't go there, you have been charged with failure to drive with a license and insurance". Two other police officers in court started to snicker and whisper towards each other and when she said, "how do you plead, guilty or innocent?"  I looked at her and said in a calm voice, "I do not consent and I waive the benefits." She then yelled "Case dismissed!" She did not look up and continued to fumble with the papers in front of her. No reasons for this dismissal was submitted for the record. Then as we were discussing this procedure in the lobby of the court house, Constable Paul Gibson walked in. I went up to him to say 'hello'. He looked at me and said, "... and who might you be?" After I told him and informed him that the case was dismissed, he said, "That's too bad".
Ladies and gentlemen, I was set up. They purposely kept Paul from the Courtroom to make it appear that it's business as usual, it was packed that day. There was a man just before my name was called that pleaded "not guilty" to charges that were trumped to over $1K but I did not fall for the trap. When you do not enter a plea and state that; You do not consent = you do not consent to contract, you do not consent to their jurisdiction, you do not consent to them making legal determinations against you, you do not consent to perjurize yourself.
When you waive the benefits = you waive the benefits of the contracts to all parties concerned, the contract value is balanced to zero, zip, nada, it's over!
I had placed a huge lien for unpaid contracts against him and the Delta police force. He was visibly shaking as he held his traffic contracts to shake my hand which was an agreement to contract for the $3B that I placed on a lien naming him as the Debtor to a large secured contract. It's not about a fight, it's about waking them up ... that's all and yes, it's a jurisdiction and breach of contract issue.
Prior to the court appearance Kapilanoq placed an Eviction Notice on the front door of the Richmond Courthouse. Afterwards, we went to Revenue Canada's office at Pender Street in Vancouver to tape a Permanent Eviction Notice on their building. Hopefully we can get our video on the internet as soon as we meet with Daryl.  Kiapilanoq is my hero and he is supported by his business colleague and close friend, Mohawk Hereditary Red Jacket of Turtle Island. Feel free to pass this on but please do not alter the content of this information as it is meant to educate and inform in the name of Truth.
Insofar as the bank legislated by the Squamish Government, it's moving along (at a snail's pace) and we hope to have it up and running real soon so that we can issue the debit cards to pre-approved members.
United in Truth we remain free,
Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst(TM)
President and Director for USSBCG(TM).  More HERE


Habeas Corpus - definition of

6-16. Much like the medical and scientific communities, the legal profession uses Latin as a form of universal language. A writ of habeas corpus issued by a Spanish court, for example, is easily recognized by a judge working in the United States. Habeas corpus literally means 'you have the body', and is one of the most basic rights of those who have been imprisoned for crimes. The first uses of a writ (court order) of habeas corpus can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages.  More HERE


Harris, John

6-17. It's an Illusion 1 (at city of Stoke-on-Trent) - Audio/Video 54 minutes - HERE

6-18. It's an Illusion 2 (London) - Audio/Video 90 minutes - HERE

6-19. Interview on EMTV - Audio/Video 120 minutes - HERE


6-20. Interview on Red Ice Creations radio - 1st hour HERE




6-21. Letter from reader - "As Christians we are commanded to come out of Mystery Babylon, and so I have, as much as humanly possible:    Revelation 18:4  Then I heard another voice from heaven say: Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues;  I have terminated all contracts--whether expressed or implied--with demonstrably corrupt State and Federal governments.  This has not been easy, but it was not impossible.  My own experience proves that God would not have ordered us to come out of Babylon if He had not given us the wherewithal to do so--without necessarily moving to rural areas in other countries." Paul - More HERE

6-22. Letter from reader - "The most important aspect of these documents and a man understanding how this all works is that a man can deny jurisdiction of the government and their feminazi legislation. It also means a man can rescind his consent to pay alimony or child support. After all, the wife and children are owned by the state and as the legal owners the state has the obligation to pay for them, not the man. I pay no alimony or child support and there are no warrants out for the arrest of my strawman. I suggest every man who wants to stop paying for the ex and kids learns how to do this. This set of docs is 'the keys to the femnazi jail cell'. But men have to pick up the keys, learn how to use them, and free themselves. If a man does not free himself no-one else will free him for him.  Peter - More HERE    


Hill, John Anthony

6-23.  The Law - Part 1 [download] , The Law - Part 2 [download


House, Edward Mandell

6-24. In a Private Meeting with Woodrow Wilson - “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions."  More HERE

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