Judicial DECEPTION!! 




9-1. Basics and Potential Power of an Affidavit of Truth, by Matthew Coe:

i.) Are you a Man or Woman?  (Yes)


iii.) Do you belong to the UNITED KINGDOM?  (No)

iv.) Should you be coerced into presenting yourself as a 'public' entity?  (No)

v.) Are you capable of swearing an oath?  (Yes)

vi.) Are you liable to or for any political/corporate rules (statutes)?  (No)

vii.) As a man/woman do you have to voluntarily elect to submit to give another party jurisdiction over you?  (Yes).  More HERE


9-2. Freeman/Commercial Redemption, by Guy Euden

"I have implied my position with all the other trusts with the Home Office i.e. clearly my role(s) in them as both the 'Grantor' and the 'Beneficiary' not to mention the 'Settlor'.

"... I have no contracts, and the only Law outside of moral Law we have is Equity or Civil, which relies solely on contracting."

Everything is contract

No Contract = no statutes

Affidavits are everything

Liens are your biggest weapon

DO NOT EVER USE GOVERNMENT FORMS OR PAPERWORK; these are benefit privileges and carry with them assumptions and presumptions of citizenship.  More HERE


9-3. Get 'government' to lawfully agree that you're not a person subject to Acts:

Private Sovereign Affidavit

i.) Affiant is a private living sentient man.

ii.) Affiant is not JOHN SMITH or any other artificial entity/legal fiction.

iii.) The Affiant is not liable to or for any Government statutes, rules and/or codes, including, without limitation, UNITED KINGDOM Codes and Statutes and/or codes of any of Respondents' political subdivisions.

iv.) The Affiant is not liable for JOHN SMITH or any artificial derivative thereof at anytime whatsoever.

v.)  The Affiant is not liable for any public debts/liabilities at any time whatsoever.

vi.)  The Affiant is not a member of any society whatsoever and therefore the Affiant is not bound by any society's statutes, rules or codes - More HERE

9-4. Lawful Rebellion Guide, The: Part 1 - Guy Euden, David Ophalus and Rich Landry:
    Select - "Direct Download to your computer" - Audio 120 minutes - HERE


9-5. Lawful Rebellion Guide, The: Part 2 - Guy Euden, David Ophalus and Rich Landry:

      Select - "Direct Download to your computer" - Audio 126 minutes HERE


Leeson, Peter

9-6. Pirate Law: The Law and Economics of Pirate Organization - This article investigates the internal governance institutions of violent criminal enterprise by examining the law, economics, and organization of pirates. To effectively organize their banditry, pirates required mechanisms to prevent internal predation, minimize crew conflict, and maximize piratical profit. Pirates devised two institutions for this purpose. First, I analyze the system of piratical checks and balances crews used to constrain captain predation. Second, I examine how pirates used democratic constitutions to minimize conflict and create piratical law and order. Pirate governance created sufficient order and cooperation to make pirates one of the most sophisticated and successful criminal organizations in history.  More HERE


I don't believe that I have a master. I don't believe that others can choose a master for me. With that being said...there are a number of factors typically going on when statists decide to kidnap your children: A Marriage License (registered with a "state"). A Birth Certificate (registered with a "state"). A Social(ist) Security (is your child a security?) Number.  Any other things you have "registered", "applied" for, or "submitted" in regards to.  A child, born of man, is free by natureThat said child exists is proof of life. A Birth Certificate is not proof of life. It is something else altogether. Two people may throw their lot in together of their own free will.  A marriage license is not what binds them together. In fact, a marriage license cannot bind two people together, only two persons. If you think a person is a people, you have much to learn about status.  A social security number is something stranger than fiction.  For all of these things (and many more), you choose (of your own free, if ignorant, will) to Submit (to your masters, the government), make Application (plead for some particular thing, which you are assumed to know the nature of because you are asking for it), and Register (give to, as opposed to Record, which is to give notice to).  Agents of would be masters will always tell you that you "must" (in order to get x, you must y) do something. Never do they say you are "obligated", for you have free will. They are well trained.  You must submit an application to register (for/for a/your) whatever. Takes on a bit more malicious tone, doesn't it?  The keys are in front of our eyes, masked only by the bending of our perception of words.  Of course, the agents that do these things can be beaten, for they use presumption and hidden contract for everything. Speak the truth, void the contracts, record your status.  More HERE


9-8. Personal Jurisdiction - HERE

9-9. Subject Matter Jurisdiction - HERE


9-10. Preservation of Interests ~ California Civil Code - HERE


9-11. Declaration of Sovereignty and A Claim of Rights - HERE

Lindsay, David-Kevin: (The Non-licensed Man)

9-12. "An Okanagan Valley man's argument that he should not have to pay taxes to the State because he is not a person (type of corporation) was rejected by a person called a judge who works for the State." - HERE

9-13. Common Law Affidavit of Indentification Card - HERE 

9-14. Unlawful Mandatory Personhood and Income Tax Trial - HERE

Lis Pendens - definition

9-15. The term “lis pendens” is Latin for “suit pending.” A lis pendens is filed against a real property to indicate that the title of property is in question, or that some sort of lawsuit involving the property could occur in the near future. When someone files such a notice, it serves as a public notification that the property is involved in a lawsuit. For property buyers, a lis pendens is generally viewed as a turnoff, as this legal notice could devalue the property, complicate the transfer of title, or make it impossible to obtain a mortgage on the property.  More HERE


9-16. Laws of Nature and of Nature's God, The - HERE




9-17. Affidavit of Truth/Commercial Lien by Arthur Cristian - "THAT I am not the creation or chattel property of any person or any government agency whatsoever. I am not under any obligation whatsoever to any governmental agency, state or federal, or any of their self-passed laws, statutes, regulations or policies." ...... "THAT any and all of the various papers, documents, adhesion contracts, or "agreements" I may have signed with any government agency or entity or any others that might be construed to indicate a conclusion contrary to my herein-below assertions were made, signed by me on the basis of mistake due to lack of full disclosure creating a deliberate lack of full knowledge, a deliberate action of fraud, non-disclosure, concealment of material fact, and misrepresentation. Such action thereby creates a stressful situation of duress and intimidation, vitiating all documents by such action of fraud. ...... "THAT it is the sincerest belief, religious and spiritual conviction of this Affiant that slavery and peonage are immoral, are violations of the First Precept of Commercial Law (a workman is worthy of his hire, "Thou shalt not steal"), that fraud, misrepresentation, nondisclosure, intimidation, deceit, concealment of material fact, lying, and treachery are morally wrong." ...... THAT I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to be a "client" (slave) of any governmental agency, state or federal, or any of their Principals, or to incur any debts or obligations to said entities for whatever "benefits" said entities might purpose to provide or seek to provide to this Affiant, or be directed by, subject to, or accountable to any parties other than my own conscience and best judgement for the purpose of preserving inviolate my unalienable/inalienable rights to life, liberty, freedom and property while engaging in the honorable, productive, and non-harmful activities of my life. wrong." ...... "THAT I, [name], am the sole and absolute owner of myself, my body, and my estate, and possess unconditional, allodial, sovereign title thereto, and that I abjure, renounce, forsake, and disavow utterly and absolutely now and forever all presumptions of power, authority, or right by any governmental agency, its Principals, over the rights, life, liberty, freedom or property of this Affiant from whatever source presumed or derived."  More HERE  



9-18. Allodial Title - Law - Property Ownership - HERE

9-19. Travelling is a Right, Not a Government Granted Privilege - HERE
Lowrey, Ben
9-20.  Arrested for Traveling - Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3 
9-21.  Common Law of the Land vs Admiralty - HERE 
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