Judicial DECEPTION!!

Copeland, Germaine

4-1. Prayer for Victory in Court Cases - Father, in the name of Jesus, it is written in Your Word to call on You, and You will answer me and show me great and mighty things. I put You in remembrance of Your Word and thank You that You watch over it to perform it.  I say that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and any tongue that rises against me in judgment I shall show to be in the wrong. This peace, righteousness, security, and triumph over opposition is my inheritance as Your child. This is the righteousness or vindication I obtain from You, Father, which You impart to me as my justification. I am far from even the thought of destruction; for I shall not fear, and terror shall not come near me.  Father, You say You will establish me to the end—keep me steadfast, give me strength, and guarantee my vindication; that is, be my warrant against all accusation or indictment. Father, You contend with those who contend with me, and You perfect that which concerns me. I dwell in the secret place of the Most High, and this secret place hides me from the strife of tongues, for a false witness who breathes out lies is an abomination to You.  I am a true witness, and all my words are (upright and in right standing with You), Father. My long forbearing and calmness of spirit persuade the judge, and my soft speech breaks down the most bone-like resistance. Therefore, I am not anxious [beforehand] how I shall reply in defense or what I am to say, for the Holy Spirit will teach me in that very hour and moment what [I] ought to say to those in the outside world. My speech is seasoned with salt.  As a child of the light, I enforce the triumphant victory of my Lord Jesus Christ in this situation, knowing that all of heaven is backing me. I am strong in You, Lord, and in the power of Your might. Thank You for the shield of faith that quenches every fiery dart of the enemy. I am increasing in wisdom and in stature and in years, and in favor with You, Father, and with man. Praise the Lord! Amen.  More Prayers HERE


4-2. Meet Your Straw Man - by Moses G. Washington - HERE


Corpus Delicti - definition

4-3. A legal doctrine in the Western system of jurisprudence. The term literally means “body of the crime” in Latin. Specifically, corpus delicti is the fundamental facts that prove a crime has actually been committed. Corpus delicti law requires that proof of a crime be established before guilt can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and a conviction obtained. At a minimum, it must be proven that a specific injury has happened and the injury was the result of criminal activity.  More HERE


Counterclaim - definition

4-4. A claim which is brought against a plaintiff in a lawsuit by a defendant. For example, if a landlord sued a tenant for unpaid rent, the tenant might respond with a counterclaim which suggested that the landlord was actually in the legal wrong, thereby hoping to render his or her claim invalid. Counterclaims are typically filed as part of a defendant's answer to an original claim, and there is a specific style and format for counterclaims which must be followed for the court to accept them.  More HERE


Craig, Kevin

4-5. [ Five-Star Rating ]                         The Christmas Conspiracy

"We believe 'the reason for the season' is the abolition of priests [includes pastors, popes, cardinals, bishops, etc.] and princes [includes presidents, prime ministers, governors, premiers, etc.] Christmas is the birth of Jesus the Christ. "Christ" means "anointed king." Jesus was also a priest. He was the last king, and the last priest. He is the only legitimate King, the only legitimate Priest. In other words, the meaning of Christmas is the abolition of 'Church' and 'State'.  We are engaged in an open conspiracy to abolish both institutions."

Complete essay HERE, (also Victory, Universality, Law, Peace, Family, Paradise, Community, all HERE)


4-6. Romans 13 - The most disastrously misunderstood Biblical text in history - It says "the powers that be are ordained of God." Defenders of the State take this to mean that "the State" is an idea that conforms to God's ethical standards, and that "the State" has God's ethical approval. Nothing could be further from the truth.

By using the word "powers" the Apostle Paul uses a Greek word which means "demonic" everywhere else in the New Testament. But does God "ordain" evil? Yes, emphatically: God ordains evil. The State is evil, and the message of Romans 12-13 is directly counter to the agenda of modern evangelical defenders of the status quo. Highlights:

i.   Angels and God's Throne of Government

ii.   Stars and Idolatry

iii.   Why the State Always Encourages Immorality

iv.   Unlucky 13 -- Romans 13, Revelation 13 and Isaiah 13

v.   A Roman's-Eye View of Romans 13

vi.   "Principalities and Powers"

vii.   Lakes of Fire in "Smoke-Filled Rooms"

viii.   Romans 13: The Burden is on the Archists

ix.   Taxation, "Consent of the Governed," and the Myth of the State

x.               Why the State is not a "Divine Institution"

xi.               Angels and Autarchy


Croft, Mary Elizabeth

4-7. The Authority Hoax -
To: All those who think they have authority over me – agents of IRS/CRA, insurance, bank, government, and, in particular, cops:  I know you think you have authority over me. What has caused you to think this? The only possible answer is that someone, whom you believe to have authority over YOU, has told you that you have authority over another. In other words, because we are all created equal, in order for you to believe in a concept which is contrary to this truth, you must have been programmed to believe a lie. Whoever did so is not your friend. What is true is that, unless one Man grants to another his God-given authority, it is impossible for another to have it. No one would willingly, knowingly, or intentionally grant another Man authority over his property, his body, or his life. So, if you believe that someone has authority over you, it is because you have either willingly granted it or you have been deceived into granting it to him and if you believe you have authority over me, it is because you believe in a false concept. Accordingly, you must provide proof that you do, indeed, have true – not what you might have obtained against my will – but, true authority over me. If you can’t prove it you don’t have it. More HERE

4-8. How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man ... a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are - HERE

4-9. Three Ways to Play the Commerce Game - HERE

4-10. Are you suffering problems of Britain’s most unlawful corrupt company trading as the Child Support Agency now know as the Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission (CMEC)?

Are you facing financial hardship?

Faced with summons from the CSA/CMEC for them to get a liability order, ?

Already had a liability order granted against you?

Being threatened to have your Driving License or passport removed?

Being threatened with prison?

Had your bank account frozen?

Had funds taken from your bank account?

Facing a Deduction from Earnings Order ?

Already had a deduction from earnings order placed on your wages?

Have you tried other organisations who state they can help sort out CSA issues, or state they can help reduce maintenance payments, only to find they take your money with no results at the end of it?

You need to establish the truth behind the CSA/CMEC

4-11. DBD Association Says Affidavits Work - Audio 78 minutes - HERE
4-12. The Truth about the Illusion -  "...to do this they have to get you to contract with them, there it is again CON tract, and how they do that is by linking your human self to your corporation. Your Corporation is given to you by the Government which is how they control you and dictate to you, your corporation is known as the BIRTH CERTIFICATE, your name is not you, it is a piece of paper given to you without your consent by your parent(s), realistically your parents handed over ownership of you to the Government and the Government issue you with their controlling document known as the birth certificate.  More HERE
Department of Justice Canada

4-13. Defence with claim of right 39. (1) Every one who is in peaceable possession of personal property under a claim of right, and every one acting under his authority, is protected from criminal responsibility for defending that possession, even against a person entitled by law to possession of it, if he uses no more force than is necessary.   Defence without claim of right (2) Every one who is in peaceable possession of personal property, but does not claim it as of right or does not act under the authority of a person who claims it as of right, is not justified or protected from criminal responsibility for defending his possession against a person who is entitled by law to possession of it.

4-14. Private Prosecutions - HERE

Due Process - definition

4-15. "In the United States, due process refers to a set of established legal principles, derived from the Constitution, that seek to protect the rights of citizens. This is done to insure that government treats individuals fairly and does not abuse its power by acting against its citizens in an arbitrary, oppressive, or capricious manner ... At its most fundamental level, due process prohibits the government from taking action against an individual that would result in a loss of liberty or property, without first affording that individual notice of the pending action, and an opportunity to be heard ... In each case, before a final determination is made, the government must provide an individual, through judicial or administrative procedures that are fair and impartial, the ability to challenge the state action ... Another fundamental tenet of Constitutional due process is that laws enacted by a legislative body must be applied, and enforced, in an equal and non-discriminatory manner ... In order for criminal statutes to pass Constitutional muster on these grounds, the law must be sufficiently clear so that citizens understand the specific conduct that is prohibited. A law that fails to meet this standard, because it is too vague, would be unconstitutional.  More HERE


4-16. - "Listen to my archives talking about my Federal RICO suit against the US Government and the Banksters ... and please join me every Saturday at 8 pm PST" - HERE

4-17. Five of Satan's Agents busted into Star's private home – CAUGHT ON FILM! - Five (5) Agents busted into my private home at approximately 6 am on Tuesday March 30, 2010. They banged on the door and yelled "Open up... Kern County Sheriff" etc... for about 4-5 minutes. I was alone and they were looking for Joe, the man they beat up on the roadside a few months ago in Bakersfield, California (see video "Joe Police Brutality" on my channel). They said they had a warrant but when I demanded to see it, they then retracted their statement and said, "We don't NEED a warrant!!" They threatened to arrest me... and tried to ORDER ME in my private home to "back off" of them. See for yourself if I backed off... I do not follow orders of color of law nazi military agents... they have NO AUTHORITY and NO JURISDICTION. They unlawfully entered and terrorized me. Then they went to my friend Alan's dad's house where he was and approached him with guns at his head and threatened to "RIG" a drug test on him to frame him for something. They also said they would kill Joe if they find him. They refused to identify themselves and when I asked one if he was a robot... he replied "YES"! - HERE

4-18. Foreclosure Fraud - Part 1,  Part 2

4-19. Letting Go of All Forms of ID in USA - "It is better to NOTICE them, and not that you are not that PERSON 'anymore', but that you were NEVER that person, void AB INITIO, it NEVER existed, because there was never 'Full Disclosure' that you were giving up your Rights, therefore it was a deception, anything gotten by deception is FRAUD and fraud is void, from the beginning, it never existed, it is a fiction, just like tinkerbell." ...... [Questions for so-called authorities:] "I have read that at the beginning of the Civil War when the Southern States seceded from the Union that their delegates left Congress in the middle of the session and that their absence left less than a quorum to do business thereby leaving them no way of adjourning properly and so Congress was adjourned 'Sine Die' effectively ending the de-jure congress of the united States, and that president Lincoln, as commander-in-chief, ordered Congress to reconvene and that they then formed a corporation called U.S. Inc. which we live under today." ...... "I have read that the 14th amendment created a new class of citizen/subject and that any man or woman claiming to be a U.S. citizen voluntarily subjects himself or herself to the federal governments exclusive authority mentioned in Article 1, section 8, clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution." ...... "I have read that the Birth Certificate is used to create some type of corporate straw-man legal-fiction which is then used to create a bond/security of some type which is then used by the Federal Government to finance its operations." ...... "I have read that the act of registering an automobile with the state voluntarily gives the state a property interest in that automobile and that by doing so a man or woman is claiming to be conducting commerce on the highways and is thereby liable for taxes and performance under the commerce clause of the Constitution."  More HERE 

4-20. Police Brutality Against Joe - HERE

4-21. Sovereign Woman Kidnapped - HERE

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