Defending Yourself Against "Legal Fiction"  by Rino 

The 'false allegation' industry also exists here in Australia. We need to draw back the curtain and begin to pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

There are critical points to understand. Once the world went off the Gold standard, the people now in effect became dead to the Law.. All courts are courts belonging the central banks, being the creditor in any case. A Judge cannot see the substantive Law in relation to a man or woman's God-given rights anymore under public policy. Public policy refers to the bankruptcy/insolvency of that nation.


All charges are against the created Birth Certificate Trust estate/prepaid account recognized by the all capital letter name.

The person who is charged is NOT the man but his corporate entity account. All the courts want is to settle a public account and they want access to your Birth Certificate trust/prepaid estate account.

When you argue/defend and a claim, which in commerce is a demand for money, you are in effect saying 'I don't want to pay' and at this point of dishonour there may be more bogus charges/claims come forward due to this. So all legislative acts apply only to these corporate persons, individuals, taxpayers, residents, etc.; and guess what, they are all created fictions of law. They are not real they are created fictions of law.


The idea is not to argue/defend because the living man or woman is not even named as a party in any court action, only the birth certificate/Corporate Trust entity is named.

That is why it is said that 'arguments are for fools'. This information applies in Canada, Australia, America and anywhere else where a central bank exists.

So what happens when there is a 'Charge' against someone? An account is created and it must be settled otherwise someone is placed in prison as collateral for that debt. Arguing and defending creates problems.


This is what they do when they create a charge. The courts/agencies use the important concept/principle of 'Bankers Acceptance law'. It is the important concept and principle of primary liability.  The newly created charge is created by the 'maker' of the instrument, i.e, lawyer, agency, court or any other third party entity and the bankers acceptance law goes like this, 'The primary liability to 'pay' an instrument rests with the maker ( i.e lawyer, agency, prosecutor, court etc) of that instrument UNLESS someone else (The charged entity) refuses (argues or defends) to pay.

Under the rules of Admiralty Law, he who brings forward a charge must also bring forward the remedy and that remedy is your birth Certificate/Trust prepaid asset account. The reason they 'falsely charge' people is because they are well aware of the existence of this Trust account and you are deemed to be in control of your estate, operating as a Trustee of that account.

However they will never openly admit to this under public policy and they will always remain silent and refer you to some legislative act and make you think it applies to you.


When they say to you that 'anything you say can and will be used against you', what they are really saying is be careful how you respond to our presentment/claims because you may not know what it is that we are really asking of you!

They know and understand that all energy comes from the living man who in reality is the creditor, however if you create dishonour they will treat you as the debtor and the debtor has no rights.

What is the false allegation industry really all about? It is proof that you have in fact an prepaid Trust/estate account created at your birth and evidenced by your birth Certificate. Your birth certificate is evidence of two things: 1) that a Trust does in fact exist and 2) it is a security, which is used as collateral by any government to receive funding from the central banks.


If you understand that the Bible tells us not to charge your 'brother' because you make a debtor of him and this is why those in power know and understand this concept. This is why they created the fiction corporate entity because it is supposed to protect/buffer you.

Once Adam and Eve dishonoured the creator, they were taken out of the Garden of Eden which was no longer a commercial free zone and absolutely everything that is done, is done in commerce involving commercial accounts.

Ever since then the same principle has applied, creditors are winners and debtors are losers! Were we not told to be the 'head' (creditor) and not the 'tail' (debtor)? Its all about an account, the rest is all illusion, just ask for the bill so that you can do a bankers acceptance by your endorsement of the charging instrument/complaint and proceed to settle and close the account. However be prepared they will test you first.


We as living people no longer know or understand who we are and everything has been inverted upside down. We have lost our identities and once again have given away our birthright for "bowl of pottage."