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Welcome GPC Hacks & Tricks. This site was created to help users get to know all the hidden things gpc allows. This sight mainly deals with the addition of embed tags but will grow as new techniques are discoverd. Why host the site on google. I say why not. NO ads, it's easy, and its free. Yes I can do this on my own without googlepages but I'm lazy and I like things easy.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

News Feed

On the tutorial page I added a news feed to The News feed is in javascript so it follows the same method as all the other tutorials to add it in. 

Tuesday, Febuary 28, 2006

Link Changes

Most of the tutorials will be under a new filenames. This will be to better organize the site and make it easier to right links. I will keep up the original pages for a while. Then they will be deleted. I encourage anyone linking to those pages to change them to point to the new links.

Preparation Page

Since all the tutorials start the same, I will be cutting that out of them and moving it too its own section. It will make things easier for both you and me.

Site Reconstruction

After just thowing together tutorials and example pages together. I found it was time to get everything organized and in one place. Also to finally thank the people I got the ideas from, if I can ever refind the sources. Most of the tutorials on this site was first done by others except for the divx and shoutbox one. All I did was make a easy tutorial for people to follow. The site was getting hard to update too since I lost pretty much all the original files I uploaded. So I am using this as an opputnity to make a place thats benifical to all.