Jude Calvert-Toulmin

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Live Online Interviews for UKC:

Johnny Dawes

A living legend in the climbing world, interviewed in Jude's living room in 2001:

The Johnny Dawes Interview

John Dunne

Another legend, that brawny blue-eyed boy from Bradford, gritstone gorilla and owner of Manchester climbing wall, John Dunne, interviewed in Jude's living room in 2001:

The John Dunne Interview Part I

The John Dunne Interview Part II

John Redhead

John Redhead,  a climber still talked about in tones of hushed reverence, a great artist, a great man, the man with the giant Papier-mâché penis, the man who climbed out of his own head into the realms of the surreal both on and off the rock, interviewed live at his home in Llanberis in 2002:

John Redhead Part I

John Redhead Part II

Jude's light-hearted article for the final issue of the renowned mountaineering and climbing magazine, High, entitled “Tits Vs Homo-Eroticism, which is more acceptable on the crag?”, polarised opinion and resulted in 30 simultaneous threads and over 100,000 words being written about Jude and her work on the UKC forums. You can read this, and other articles, below...

Selection of Jude's published articles for the climbing press:

"Hello." On the Edge: Issue 104 - February 2001
Jude's debut piece for OTE. The rock god Ben Moon is re-locating to the USA and Jude reports on his climbing glitterati party send off in a send-up of celeb-world ligging. No-one in the climbing world likes to admit that the words "fab" "darling" or "super" ever get used...



Jude's adventures on a climbing forum, "Bunfight at the OK Corral" On the Edge: Issue 108 -June 2001
The "Hello" article causes a tidal wave of abuse on the forums of UKC, and Jude ventures into the fray to defend herself, likening the experience to taking on the gunslingers a la Sharon Stone in The Quick and the Dead.

Interview with award-winning climbing filmmaker Richy Heap. On the Edge: Issue 109 -July 2001
The acclaimed filmmaker and climber Richie Heap talks about his experience making award winning films with his production company Slackjaw. Jude listens and writes it down accurately. Richie loves the article and the fact that Jude has managed to take some pics of him that make him look like a film star.

Profile of the legendary climbing genius Johnny Dawes, "A Dictator in his Underpants." On the Edge: Issue 112 - November 2001
Jude spends a day witnessing the rock legend Johnny Dawes giving a one day workshop to three aspiring climbers, a workshop he ends up conducting in a T-shirt and his underpants. It was hot that day. The article is an accurate reflection of the eccentric and troubled genius that is Johnny Dawes.

Preview for Jude's next article. High Magazine: Issue 266 -December 2004
Geoff Birtles gives all those rufty tufty climbers and mountaineers a taste of the delights coming in the next issue with a portrait of the author. There is outrage on the forums of www.ukclimbing.com where Jude's article is analysed, dissected and ripped to shreds by hundreds of people who haven't read it and a month before it's even been published, with calls for her to be burnt at the stake. Four years after she left the forums, nothing has changed. She is still being hung drawn and quartered by a small minority for writing they haven't even read.  Life's too short to mix with frustrated losers and anonymous bullies, bigots, twats and trolls.  Which is why Jude left in the first place and now spends her time writing and getting published instead of tossing it off all day on a forum sniping about what other people are doing.

"Tits vs Homo-Eroticism, which is more acceptable at the crag?" High Magazine: Issue 267- January 2005
Geoff Birtles, the editor of the top British climbing mag HIGH MOUNTAIN, goes out with a big bang in this the last ever issue prior to his retirement. Jude’s article, in which she argues that if men are allowed to climb topless on a hot day at the crag, so should women be, takes things back full circle to the days of Geoff’s pioneering climbing mag CRAGS, which regularly featured pics of tits and was thoroughly irreverent and non-PC.


Jude left UKC back in 2003 and decided to spend her time writing books instead of tossing it off on a climbing forum. Some of the hundreds of threads slagging her off inspired content in her fictionalised autobiography, My Adventures in Cyberspace which is available at Waterstones. 

Jude's best-selling erotic novel Mother-in-Law, Son-in-Law was taken up by a major publisher and is also available at Waterstones. 

Film Work

Jude starred in the cult short film Johnny YesNo,  recently released on DVD  with soundtrack music by Cabaret Voltaire, who were among the godfathers of techno. Her IMDB entry is here.

Blake Hartley Documentary

In late 2004 Jude produced and directed a documentary about the missing climber Blake Hartley, at the request of his mother, in order to raise publicity for his search. This documentary was shot on location in Chamonix. Remains found in the Arve in March 2007 have now been officially confirmed as being Blake's. The Chamonix Gendarmes could have done no more; they were dedicated to the search above and beyond the call of duty. Stills from the shoot can be viewed here.