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How To Enable Windows Vista Aero Graphics

When you do a clean install of Windows Vista its possible that your video card will not be detected correctly causing Windows Vista to default to "Windows Vista Basic" in the Appearance Settings.  If your unable to see the background of your desktop through the borders of open windows then more then likely this has been set by default.  Once you install your video card drivers you can follow this article to enable Aero.

Right click anywhere there is open space on your desktop and left click on Personalize

Click on Window Color and Appearance

At the bottom of the Windows Color and Appearance window click “Open classic appearance properties for ore color options


Look on the scroll list and see what scheme is set, more then likely it is defaulted to "Windows Vista Basic"

Look at the scroll list and select "Windows Aero" as the new scheme


Click on Apply and then click OK

When you get back to your desktop you should be able to see the background through the borders of open windows now!