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 Juddley.Com - Index 2 (There was too much stuff on my Home Page)

So where does Juddley come from? 

It was a nickname given to me by a co-worker in Ft Lee N.J. in the late 70's. It is a combination of my first name Judd and the last three letters of my last name. At lunch one day we were talking about "nicknames from our college days" I casually mentioned I was known as Stanley, (to this day I do not know why). Some how in the translation Stanley became Studley which later became Juddley. When I tried to get Judd.com it was already taken. so I decided to use the old nickname .......Juddley.com.  1-12-04 since this site was created in 2001 I have begun to be called Juddley again. :-)  LOL

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Future Subjects Include:

Switch Logic Designs from my youth   (Some Here) (More to Come)  

Neon Nonsense                                   (In the Works) 

SB's --- Life on the street.                    (Future)

Boot Block (No Key Keyboard)           (Later)

Operating Systems                              (Someday)

Past Subjects Covered Include:

Network connectors  A.S. Cable     Update Sept 2008

Tesla Coils     Update 6-17-2002

Year 2001 ??  Remember  'HAL'   Update 3-18-2012

Natural Science?  

 "Mr. Watson - Come here - I want to see you". 



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