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Garage Sale

posted Mar 9, 2013, 9:23 AM by Judd Hadley   [ updated May 28, 2013, 9:09 AM ]
Welcome to my Garage Sale!  

If you find that treasure you are looking for then E-mail Me and let's make a deal!
I will gladly send you my phone# so we can chat....

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Victorian Cast Iron Fireplace Front : $25
This is a Fireplace Iron Front to go around the FireBox. It is from the Victorian House (1892) I had in Tennessee in the 1970's. It is actually part of a Coal Grate system that was put in Wood Burning Fireplaces to convert them to burn Coal. I converted the Fireplace back to wood and have kept, and moved this thing for 30 years...... I will throw in the Naval Jelly, Primer and Black Spray Paint to finish it...LOL (They are not 30 years old) Best Guess this FirePlace Front is from the early 1900's. The detail looks Art Deco.

Could be used to create a false Fireplace or as a decorative piece for Garden or Patio.  I also have about 30 of the original "Turtle Back" Tiles from that period (Late 1800's) that are brand new and were for around the fronts of all 6 fireplaces in my Victorian house. They were stored in the Attic when I bought the place. (Can send Pics if interested)


Outside dimensions are 26 1/2" wide X 30" Tall 
Inside opening 20" wide X 25" tall  (Inside firebox dimensions can be adjusted with Firebrick Lining in a Fireplace remodel.) 

Railroad Flasher for Track Crossing Signal Lights:     Style "NF-2" 175 ohms per coil, 30-40 flashes per minute, for 6-8 volt DC operation. Circa 1920's. Was used as the controlling relay to flash 2 red signal lights alternately at railroad crossings.



Blue Chair Circa 1960's:   PS Modern Chair - $25........   This is a single chair from Alexander Home in PS..... Circa late 50's Early 60's..... Desk? Kitchen?
Call Judd 760-898-2985                       Will remove add when sold. 



Collection of 17 License Plates.... from 1922 to 2004:   Caribbean (Aruba, Costa Rica), Tennessee, Kentucky, W. Virginia, California...


Click any plate to enlarge                                                                                                    $Best Offer

1949 Original Roy Acuff Transcription Disk (Disc):   I lived in Gallatin Tennessee from 1969 to 1980. While living there I found a "Transcription Disc" for a radio commercial produced by WLAC radio in Roy Acuff's voice for a Billfold being sold by a company in Gallatin. The date is 5-10-49... I had it recorded to tape but the tape is lost and I no longer have a turntable. But my best recollection of its content was just Roy Acuff promoting the company for a Mail-Order Business. (no Music) just Roy speaking. This discs is the studio master recording of Roy's actual speaking voice. 

The Label shows "WLAC Nashville Tennessee .... 5-10-49.... speed 33 1/3... Title Roy Acuff Billfolds.... Time 1:43 (just over 1 minute) ..... Instructions:  Start Outside. (The 'Start Outside' was for the DJ's to know in which direction they were recorded.) Columbia Programs 50,000 watts".

Randy's Records was the name everyone knew from their sponsorship of 50's late night radio. (When a lot of Midwesterners and Southerners could receive it). But obviously there was Mail order from Gallatin Earlier.

The Paper label is water stained and general condition of the Disc is poor.. it was playable in the 70's. Since then, has been in storage. The Disc is Aluminum (12 inches Dia.) with 3 drilled holes for the transcription Machine.

The time in my life has come to start getting rid of "Things" and this is one of them.  I am not able to find info on how many of these discs still survive. They don't seem to show up often on the WWW but someone out there must be archiving them.

                    $ Best Offer

Antique Cooking Trammel:   This a Ring-Type trammel for adjusting the height a pot hangs over a fire on a Bar-Type Colonial Fireplace Crane. It adjusts from shortest 18" to longest 35" to vary the temperature of the cooking as well as for different sizes of cast iron cooking pots. Trammels were made in many styles and before the Industrial revolution so each one is different. Generally made by a towns Blacksmith and to the specification of the buyer. S-Hooks were more commonly used but wealthier colonialist's would have trammels made. It was designed to fit a "bar" type fireplace crane.

This one is obviously had wrought and I have left it in the condition I found it originally in the ruins of a log cabin in Middle Tennessee in the 1970's. It adjusts in 2" increments from 18" to 35" on 9 rings. That area of Tennessee was settled in early 1800's.  Google Fireplace Cranes under images to see more types of these

This is fairly rare as not many of these have survived. .       $25 


Basket: was given to me by an 80+ yr old neighbor as a house warming gift (sewing basket filled with thread, needles, measure tape, etc.) in 1983. She said she bought it from a roadside stand in the 1920's on an Indian reservation in the desert southwest while coming west by train

                                                                [ Click Here for Details ]



Below Here Items are Already Sold


 House: One mildly used house in Boynton Beach Florida. This was bought for my Mother to use as a snowbird in the winters.

        Everything's for sale... including the Garage  :-)     Sold !

Hand Knit Afghan:   is variegated powder blue yarn on a white background. The afghan has never been used and was hand knit by my Great Aunt. It has  been in my closet for many years. Time for it to get a new home so someone can snuggle up on the couch for an afternoon nap.          Afghan measures 5' 2" X 4' 3"

                        Sold !

Bauer Pottery 17 inch Chop Plate:  This is a "Bauer" Pottery "Los Angeles" ring ware Chop Plate (sometimes referred to as Fiesta Ware). It's 17 inches in Diameter and makes a huge serving plate. Made in early part of 20th century and is sometimes also called a Sandwich Plate. Color is rare Jade Green. It is in absolutely mint condition. No Chips, No Cracks, No Scratches.... very rare to find a piece this big in like new condition. 

                     Sold !

Two Planters: These are lined with heavy Gauge galvanized steel and were designed to go on each side of entry doors on the inside of the house (could also be used outside). Painted Blue and they have never been used.

                         Sold !

Computer Desk:  nice compact 80's style office computer desk. 32 inches tall, 25 inches wide,  21 inches deep,  the Pull-out keyboard shelf is 28 inches from the floor- perfect height for typing.  Free delivery in Palm Springs, CA  area.

                     Sold !

Bagel Slicer:  Brand New! Original Box! Never Used! Now you can safely cut that morning Bagel in half and still have all 10 fingers intact.. Got this at a White Elephant Christmas Party.... 

    Originally sold for $16                    Sold !

Decorative Lamp:  Art-Deco style vintage 1940's Lamp marked  "Sun-Kraft Cold-Quartz Ultraviolet & Ozone Apparatus"  " Sun-Kraft Inc, Chicago, ILL"   The Quartz lamp and electronics in the base (which contained lead) were removed and replaced with a low voltage 2 bulb high intensity light. It makes a nice soft decorative light bright enough to highlight a picture or desktop. The lamp was used for "Medical" purposes though its safety and actual therapeutic qualities were in question. It is now safe to use and plugs into standard AC outlet. 18 inches tall and weights 9 pounds. Stainless Steel and Aluminum with weighted base.

                          Sold !

Sonny Bono Brick:   Own a piece of Palm Springs History!   One of a Kind, Made to sell bricks when Sonny Bono was Mayor of Palm Springs CA A plywood panel measures 21"H X 24"W each brick measures 4" X 7.5" X 0.5".. The Bricks are fired clay and will last for centuries. It was from the period when Sonny Bono was Mayor of Palm Springs (1988-1992) Corky Larson was Riverside Co. Supervisor and the other bricks are names of PS city council members. It was a sample board used to sell bricks to raise funds for some civic project. Possibly our Police Memorial Fund. Got this at a yard sale and it was left outside by previous owner giving it a  weathered look. 

                        Sold !

VHS Video Tapes:  9-tapes - Your choice $1 each or $5 for all..     [ click to enlarge ]

                                       Sold !