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12 Ga

posted Nov 30, 2013, 7:06 PM by Judd Hadley   [ updated Nov 30, 2013, 7:08 PM ]
As I was driving back from Indiana to California last spring I saw a sign on a farmers fence in Kansas that read " Keep Out ---- Protected by 12 Ga"  At first it didn't hit me, the sign meant of course 12 gauge as in shotgun.... !!  LOL       I immediately flashed back on.........

  " The watermelons are good..... just hav-ta watch out fer the gunpowder and rock salt... "   

In Tennessee circa the late 70's I was in Bledsoe Creek boat launch on Old Hickory Lake near Gallatin TN and an older guy in "Bibs" (bib overhauls) was fishing with a cane pole from the shore. He had a fish stringer tied to a large rock with a heavy burlap bag in the water. As I was standing there watching he caught a fair size fish and took it off the hook and pulled the burlap bag from the water. He then opened the bag, took out a watermelon and put in the fish. Wishing to strike up a conversation I asked if he planned to cook the fish to go with watermelon. As he put the bag with his catch back in the water he replied "Nah.... I got the watermelon here for my lunch and fish are only good for cat food. Wishing to continue the conversation I asked " So how are the watermelons this year?" He replied "The watermelons are good.... just hav-ta watch out fer the gunpowder and rock salt..."

I read on I'net about using rock salt as a non-lethal weapon and came across the below:

"a"-"salt"-"weapon"   not to be confused with (assault weapon) :-)