Outside the Office

I belive that leadership and effective management are not limited to the office setting. In fact, there is much to learn about both in informal settings. Below is an endeavor of mine in this regard that shows that I am not afraid of new situations and can quickly adapt to them to produce premier results.

  • 2008 Young Professionals League of Softball Team Captain

    I decided to expose myself to a new challenge by being the captain of the 17-member Orange team in a local summer league. We finished ahead of significantly more experienced teams, despite my team members being randomly assigned (I had not control over the membership).

    To the right is a picture of myself with my team.

    Back row: Jeff Rottler (Airbus), Ashokanand Chathbai (Airbus), Me, Jeff Elshoff (Spirit AeroSystems), Jason Kravarik (KSN News)

    Front row: Greta Steingard (Youthville), Matthew Adair (Cessna), Lauragail Locke (City of Wichita), Joe High (KSN News), Ary Glantz (Cessna)

    Foreground: Richard Conklin (Cessna)

    Missing: Olivia Due (Hawker Beechcraft), Sean and Jennifer Murray (Spirit Aerosytems), Craig Clarke (Spirit Aerosystems), Bao Mosinyi (Airbus), Erika Palmer (United States Air Force)