To God Be The Glory!                                            
                                  A Journey By Faith

                             One man, two mules and a journey by faith


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In 2008 I traveled with two mules from North Central Texas to Wisconsin via two mules.   It was an adventurous trip!   The first printing of our book To God Be The Glory! has already been distributed.  My second edition will only be available in an electronic format, i.e. on CD.

In 2009 I accomplished the return trip home.  My second book Faith's Journey Home tells about that aspect of my journey. 
Please contact me for information about how to get the above books for your reading pleasure, and for gifts for others.

Enjoy the journey within both books.   May each reader be especially blessed from the lessons contained therein.

With my regards,

Gregory Kuehmichel

"The Mule Man"

(Updated May 3, 2011)