"Jubilee American Dance Theatre gives us lively and engaging American folk dances and traditional music from across the nation and throughout history." 
San Francisco Chronicle, 2016

"American music and dance are a record of our nation's immigrants and the subject of the Jubilee American Dance Theatre's production(s)...[their] show is as diverse as its cast. It covers dance from the 1800s to the 1940s...."
Contra Costa Times

"Infectious joy in communal dancing was effectively communicated by a first time participant, Jubilee American Dance Theatre ... excellently presented." 
Dance Magazine

"Jubilee American Dance Theatre [is] a performance company that combines a variety of rootsy, folksy, and old-timey styles — such as clogging, bluegrass, Cajun, and Lindy hop — to illustrate the protean history of American dance."
East Bay Times 

"Jubilee American Dance Theatre raised the roof at the 23rd San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival ... Jubilee brought history to life." 
The Piedmonter

"The group is continually expanding its repertoire, and exploring the cultures from which America's social dances are derived. "'People have always learned and borrowed from each other.... It's an amalgam,' says Roberts. 'We're a melting pot.'" 
Oakland Tribune