Juan Ye

Dr Juan Ye (Erica)

Address: Room JC1.12 Jack Cole Building, School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Fife, UK KY16 9SXTel: (+44)01334463258Email: juan.ye AT st-andrews DOT ac DOT uk, ye.yejuan1204 AT gmail DOT com


Research Group

Latest news

  • The workshop MobiHAR 2021, co-existing with MDM 2021, is open for submission and deadline is 3 Apr 2021.

  • The special issue "Sensor-Based Human Activity Recognition in Real-World Scenarios" on Applied Sciences is now open for submission and deadline is 30 Nov 2021.

  • Our paper Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Activity Recognition: a GAN-based Approach is available on IEEE Access. Feb 2021.

  • The special issue "Sensor Technology for Smart Homes" on Sensors comes to a closure. Please check the editorial. Dec 2020.

  • Our paper on "Continual Activity Recognition with Generative Adversarial Networks" has been accepted by ACM Transactions on Internet of Things", 29 Nov 2020.

  • Our paper on "Generalisation and Robustness Investigation For Facial and Speech Emotion Recognition Using Bio-Inspired Spiking Neural Networks" has been accepted by Soft Computing (impact factor = 3.05), 29 Nov 2020.

  • Gave a talk on "Unsupervised domain adaptation for human activity recognition" at Centre for Mobile, Wearable Systems and Augmented Intelligence at Cambridge, 23 Nov 2020. [link]

  • Served as a general chair on MobiHealth 2020, 19 Nov 2020.

  • Our paper on "Bayesian Inference Federated Learning for HeartRate Prediction" has been accepted by MobiHealth' 2020. Oct 2020.

  • Served as PC member on AAAI' 2021. Sep 2020.

  • PhD scholarship available at St Andrews (application deadline 30 June 2020), great opportunity to work in both St Andrews and Victoria, Canada!

  • Our paper "Continual Learning in Human Activity Recognition: An empirical Analysis of Regularization". accepted by ICML Continual Learning Workshop 2020. July 2020.

  • My paper "Shared learning activity labels across heterogeneous datasets", accepted by IOS Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments on 30 Mar 2020.

  • Our paper "Evolving Models for Incrementally Learning Emerging Activities", accepted by IOS Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments on 30 Mar 2020.

  • Ai's paper "Visualization as Intermediate Representations (VLAIR) for Human Activity Recognition", accepted by PervasiveHealth. Mar 2020.

  • Andrea's paper "Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Activity Recognition Across Heterogeneous Datasets", accepted by Pervasive and Mobile Computing. Feb 2020.

  • Esma's paper on "Synch-Graph: Multisensory Emotion Recognition Through Neural Synchrony via Graph Convolutional Networks" is accepted by AAAI 2020.