Juan R. Vidal, PhD.

    I live & work in Lyon/Grenoble (France) since 2008 as a scientific researcher in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience. Until recently I was lecturer and research associate in neuroscience and psychology at the University Grenoble-Alpes and at the Laboratory of Psychology and NeuroCognition (LPNC). My teaching experiences there were very enlightening and I re-discovered what transmitting knowledge with passion means!

My curiosity in neuroscience and psychology is funneled by the question "How can we understand our conscious and unconscious experiences by knowing how our brain works ?". Ok, I agree, it sounds very interesting, yet very complex.  

    Initially, I studied biology in Chile (Universidad de Chile) where I got acquainted with the work of Maturana and Varela on self-organized autopoietic systems. Meanwhile I worked as a junior research assistant in Developmental Biology investigating the molecular basis and origins of the nervous system of zebrafishes. There I witnessed and learned about the amazing transformation processes that characterize living systems, from a single cell to a behaving organism. And then, one day, I found myself hooked on one of the biggest mysteries of mankind, right there! Research of the brain, by the brain, for the brain... and all behaviours and experiences in between! 

    Since then I have followed a natural and passionate drift in the realms of cognitive psychology,  neuroscience and related fields.  I've worked in various great labs and clinical neurology departments where I shared with friends and colleagues the quest to understand the neural mechanisms of mind and behaviour. The latest news on that: it's still an amazing unsolved puzzle (work to do)! 

     On this path I've made by walking I share my life with Manon Kayser (Engineer-Architect) and our three lovely kids, Pablo, León and Maïa. I've enjoyed living in various countries: Belgium, Mauritania, Costa Rica, Chile, France, Norway, The Netherlands... 

    So, what's next?

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