Plant-Animal Interactions  &

Landscape Ecology

(cc-by)  Juan P. González-Varo

I am an ecologist broadly interested in the effects of anthropogenic landscape changes on ecological processes, and their consequences for the maintenance of biodiversity.

My research particularly focuses on plant-animal interactions, which have a pivotal role on demographic and genetic processes within populations and communities.

I work on real-world, large-scale landscapes by combining observational and experimental fieldwork, spatial analysis and molecular tools, to address questions that can be framed within landscape and spatial ecology, population ecology and genetics, community ecology, conservation biology, and applied ecology.

This multidisciplinary research includes basic and applied perspectives, and provides sound knowledge on ecosystem functioning that is relevant for conservation.

Juan Pedro González-Varo


Ramón y Cajal Fellow at the


Depto.  de Biología,

Universidad de Cádiz  (Spain)