Scale-Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT): Image detector and descriptor used, mainly, in computer vision to collect, in a group of parameters, information about image characteristics (texture, color, shape and regions, movement, etc). Was published by David Lowe in 1999 and is invariant to uniform scaling, orientation, and affine distortion, and partially invariant to illumination changes.

  Speeded Up Robust Feature (SURF): As the SIFT, this is an image detector and descriptor, scale- and rotation-invariant, presented in 2006 by Herbert Bay et al.
  It approximates or even outperforms previously proposed schemes with respect to repeatability, distinctiveness, and robustness, yet can be computed and compared much faster.

Descriptor (D): It is a representation of a feature defined syntactically and semantically. It could be that a unique object was described by several descriptors.

Interplanetary Internet (IPN): The interplanetary internet is now a reality, the first node of this net, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO),   was sent to Mars in 2005, and the first communication between two nodes (DSN at Earth and Spirit Rover over Mars surface) through the MRO, was established on 17 November 2006.

Intersatellite Optical Communication: Promising technology for communication between satellites in outer space, that has already been proved with success, and is being more and more developed. Europe has always been leading this kind of technology that is now beginning to bear fruit.

Seeing the Sound: Recent studies have proved that there is a connection between different senses, even before they get to the brain. In this study, we see the human senses of sight and hearing being intimately connected.