Juan Casanova

I was born in 1991 in Madrid, Spain. A very simplified description of my life would say that, since my early teenager years, it has revolved mostly around three (not disjoint) things: Maths, software development and videogames.

Between 2009 and 2015, I studied to obtain a double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Meanwhile, and starting in late 2011, I entered the professional software development environment, working for several companies where I have performed all kinds of software development and IT related tasks (programming, software analysis and design, system and database administration, research and development, new technology development, testing and optimization, methodology development...). At the same time, I initiated work on academic research with professors at university (precisely, theoretical mathematical work on computability theory). This resulted in some mathematical results which we tried to publish but unfortunately weren't able to due to, mostly, our lack of background in related topics.

Currently, I have started a 4 year MSc by research+PhD at University of Edinburgh. The programme of my studies is called the CDT in Data Science, and is a fully funded research programme. In my particular case, I am working on a project called "Faulty Ontology Detection and Repair", in collaboration with BrainnWave technologies, and under the supervision of Alan Bundy.

I would describe myself as a very curious, analytic, extremely sincere and always active person. I love understanding things, solving complex problems and learning. I consider self-awareness very important and thus I pay much attention to my self-understanding.

My main objective is enjoying what I do, which I usually achieve by pursuing interesting, difficult and complex goals. I am always doing something which I find fun or interesting, but I prefer big projects over small toys, and as such I pay a great deal of attention to mid and long-term planning. However, I try to avoid stress whenever it is possible, as I feel it serves no purpose. Overall, I tend to prioritize activities which I believe will broaden my knowledge and understanding of reality.

You can contact me at my email address: juan.casanova.undeceiver@gmail.com