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Juan Baso is a Senior majoring in both Chemistry and Microbiology as well as minoring in Math at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Juan is a native of New Orleans, LA who moved to Tampa at the age of 12. Juan graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School. Since his enrollment at USF, Juan has been an active member of the USF Chemistry Society as well as active in the community through various community service endeavors. Research is the primary extracurricular activity of Juan's undergraduate education.

Juan is currently conducting research in computational drug design and also has a background in synthetic organic chemistry. He has been working in research since the spring of his sophomore year at USF. Juan has published one article on organic methodology in Organic Letters. Since his first publication, Juan has received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the American Chemical Society Organic Division (ACS-DOC) for a research proposal he submitted for consideration during the summer of 2010. The following summer, 2011, Juan spent working for Applied Molecular Genetics (AMGEN) as a computational chemistry intern.

Juan's community service endeavors primarily center around inspiring young high school students to pursue a higher education in the sciences. The program that Juan has established, using the USF Chemistry Society as a base of operations, is a two-step program where students from the USF Chemistry Society go to local high schools around the Tampa Bay area in order to conduct a full-day interdisciplinary lab activity developed by Juan and his Co-Founder of the program, Michael Mormino. After this step has been completed, typically during the Fall Semester, the high school students are subsequently invited to USF for an all-day event with faculty members and upper-level undergraduate students which typically takes place in the Spring.

Juan's goal is to graduate from USF and then pursue his education at a post-graduate level. Juan intends to work in the field of Oncology. His true dream is to find a way to improve cancer treatment and subsequently improve patient well-being while undergoing treatment. However he has not decided entirely whether or not he wishes to pursue a purely research based, PhD oriented, program or if he would attempt to enter into a Medical Scientist Training Program, MD/PhD oriented.

Juan was recently named as a Goldwater scholar. He is one of two recipients of this award at USF, they are the very first the university has ever had. Juan is also a recipient of a prestigious Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship  from the American Chemical Society. Juan's fellowship is currently being sponsored by the Organic Division of the American Chemical Society.