The legend of Sleepy Hollow          

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a story written by Washington Irving.  


Do the following activities.

A) Check the information about the author and his works and do the following activities in your notebook:

1. About the author.

     - When was he born?

     - Where was he born?

     - Where did he die?

     - When did he die?

     - What were his most important occupations?

     - What important Spanish cities did he visit?


2. About his works.

     - Write the titles of the most important books he wrote.

     - Write the names of some writers who influenced him.


3. About Sleepy Hollw.

     - Who are the most important characters in the story?

     - Where does the story take place?

     - Who is the headless horseman.


4. About the first video:

    - Write down 10 words in English which describe what you watch. Ex. Headles horseman.

    - What colours can you see?

5. About the second video?

     -  What's the teacher like?

     -  Can you see any examples of superstitions?


B) Crossword on line


The author and his works.


 Listen to the story





You probably know there are many films and cartoons based on this story. One of the most famous ones was directed by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp was the main character. Have you seen it?

You can listen to the soundtrack, too:

What about this cartoon?