The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole                                       

SUE TOWNSEND     is the author of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole.

You will find information about her life and her books on this page.     Take a look at it and then do the activities I have prepared for you.



1. About the author:

     - When and where was she born?

     - When did she leave school?

     - She had different jobs. Which ones?

     - What is her marital status? Did it have any influence in her works?


2. About her books:

     - Write down some of the titles she has written.

     - When was "The Secret Diary..." published?


3. About The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole:

     - Find out the following information:

              . Adrian's father and mother's name.

              . Date the diary begins.

              . Date parents' divorce.

     - Click on "Adrian's Love Poem" and translate the poem "Pandora, Pandora, Pandora" into Spanish.

     - How many titles are there with the same character?

     - Write down some adjectives used to describe the books.

     - What book is compared to Adrian?


4. Watch the video and answer these questions.

     - What are the names of the people talking?

     - What are they talking about?

     - Is Adrian's appearance similar to the character described in the book?


5. Activities on line:

     . Adriansaid

     . vocabularyadrian crossword



There is a TV series based on this character. Would you like to watch it?