Campaign Overview

Centuries ago, civilization was shattered by a plague of undead. Art, commerce, craft, magic, culture: all lost, all brought to ruin. Mortals survived, if at all, as slaves ... as wild animals ... as cattle.

Ten years ago, the whispers began. Humanity, they said, had found a way to strike back against the Night Princes.

A year ago, the valley of the La'ataf River convulsed in flame and blood. Hundreds died. But the Five Cities are free. From all points of the compass come stories of similar uprisings. The Horde, scourge of generations, is broken.

Today, men fight with black-powder pistols and with flint-tipped spears. Alchemical lamps light cities whose buildings are mud huts. There are printing presses, but most people make do with clay tablets. About the world at large--its past, its lands, its peoples--virtually nothing is known.

The Long Night is over. What will the new day bring?