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 Welcome to my webpage. I am an associate professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Here you can find information about my research and teaching.
Contact information
Escuela de Administración (Business School)
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Avenida Vicuña Mackenna 4860
Macul   7820436
Santiago, Chile
Phone: (56-2) 2354-4349

Curriculum Vita


Articles (back)

  • “People and Machines: A Look at the Evolving Relationship Between Capital and Skill Manufacturing 1860-1930 Using Immigration Shocks,” With Jeanne Lafortune and Ethan Lewis, forthcoming Review of Economics and Statistics, June 2018.
  • "Are Micro Firms Constrained by their Lack of Knowledge or Motivation? Lessons from a Randomized Experiment in Chile." Joint with Jeanne Lafortune and Julio Riutort, conditionally accepted, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, November 2017.
  • "Destabilizing Financial Advice: Evidence from Pension Fund Reallocations." Joint with Zhi Da, Borja Larrain and Clemens Sialm. Forthcoming, Review of Financial StudiesReview of Financial Studies, 31(10), pp. 3720–3755, October 2018. Latest version (pdf).
  • "Asset Fire Sales in Equity Markets: A Quasi-Natural Experiment in an Emerging Market." Joint with Borja Larraín and Daniel Muñoz. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 30, pp. 71-85, April 2017. Online (link) and pre-print version (pdf).
  • "More Hands, More Power? The Impact of Immigration on Farming and Technology Choices in US Agriculture in Early 20th Century." Joint with Carolina Gonzalez and Jeanne Lafortune. Journal of International Economics, 97(2), pp. 339-358, November 2015. Online (link) and pre-print version (pdf).
  • "Who Comes and Why? Determinants of Immigrants’Skill Levels in Early XX Century United States." Joint with Matías Covarrubias and Jeanne Lafortune. Journal of Demographic Economics, 81(1), pp. 115-155, March 2015. Online (link) and pre-print version (pdf).
  • "Sudden Stops and Reallocation: Evidence from Labor Market Flows in Latin America." Joint with Francisco GallegoJournal of Development Economics, 97(2), pp. 257-268, March 2012. Version: April 2011 (pdf). Working paper #378, Economics Department, Universidad Católica de Chile (pdf).
  • "Low-Skilled Immigration and the Labor Supply of Highly Skilled Women." Joint with Patricia CortésAmerican Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 3(3), pp. 88-123, July 2011. Preprint version (pdf) and online appendix (pdf). Earlier version with results using a classification by educational attainment is available upon request.
  • "Monetary Policy in Latin America: Underpinnings and Procedures," Cuadernos de Economía, 36(109), pp. 897-927, December 1999. Joint with Vittorio Corbo and Andrés Elberg. (Published version)

Working Papers (back)

  • "Better Safe than Sorry: The Impact of Providing Safety Information to SMEs in Chile.” With Francisco Brahm and Jeanne Lafortune. September 2018.
  • "A Simple Framework for Asset Allocation of Sovereign Wealth Funds with an Application to Chile’s Economic and Social Stabilization Fund." Joint with Eduardo Walker. February 2017.
  • "The Impact of Personalized versus General Information about Pensions on Retirement Savings and Employment." Joint with Olga Fuentes, Jeanne Lafortune, Julio Riutort, and Félix Villatoro. September 2018, under review.
  • "Men, Women and Capital: Estimating Substitution Patterns Using a Size and Gender Dependent Childcare Policy in Chile." Joint with Diego Escobar and Jeanne Lafortune. November 2016.
  • "The Benefits of Diversity: Peer Effects in an Adult Training Program in Chile." Joint with Jeanne Lafortune and Marcela Perticará. April 2016.
  • "The Effect of Education on Financial Market Participation: Evidence from an Education Reform in Chile." Joint with Rodrigo García. February 2015.
  • "Lured in and Crowded-out? Estimating the Impact of Immigration on Natives’ Education During the Early 20th Century in the US." Joint with Andrés Gazmuri and Jeanne Lafortune. December 2014 (pdf).
  • "Smooth(er) Landing? The Role of Networks in the Location and Occupational Choice of Immigrants." Joint with Jeanne Lafortune. April 2014 (pdf).

Work in Progress (back)

  • "Corporate Cash Holdings and Uncertainty: The Effect of Political Uncertainty on Precautionary Cash Holdings." Joint with Ronald Espinoza and Julio Riutort.

Book Chapters (back)

  • "Inmigración de Alta Calificación en Chile: Una Propuesta para Mejorar su Integración al Mercado Laboral" in Proposals for Chile 2014, Centro de Políticas Públicas, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 2015. Joint with Claudia Silva and Rosario Palacios. (Published version)
  • "Response to External and Inflation Shocks in a Small Open Economy" in General Equilibrium Models for the Chilean Economy, R. Chumacero and K. Schmidt-Hebbel, eds. Santiago: Central Bank of Chile, 2005. Joint with Vittorio Corbo. (Published version)
  • "Growth and Adjustment in Chile: A Look at the 90's" in Economic Growth: Sources, Trends and Cycles, N. Loayza and R. Soto, eds. Santiago: Central Bank of Chile, 2004. Joint with Vittorio Corbo. (Published version)

Teaching (back)

Email me if you want access to teaching materials (including older ones).
Finanzas I EAA220B (Investments - undergraduate)
Dirección Financiera II EAM322 (Investments - MBA)
Finanzas Internacionales (International Financial Management - MBA)
Estudio Empíricos en Finanzas EAA-3230 (Empirical Methods in Finance)

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