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james fisher ~ helping communicate your vision


One thing I've learned is that the more serious, profound and stentorian

the sales presentation, the less people believe it.  For some reason, people

in all market segments are more likely to believe something presented with 

self-deprecating humor.  The other hard lesson I've learned is that pro-

spects are motivated only by two things:

          Want of Gain.  

                    Fear of Loss.  

                             With apologies to  Professor Maslov.

     Point two.  I've been doing this work for twenty-five years for clients from

the Oregon Lottery to Tektronix, in industries from travel to banking.  The 

good news for you is I've already made every mistake possible while inventing

a few along the way so you benefit from my experience without having to train me.

                                                                         ~ jim


Oregon Global Warming Commission 2008 / 2009



Product Information, Avanti Destinations  2008 to present








~ Pro bono work.

Search-engine optimized product PDF files.  Includes  research, original copy, page design and layout, sourced and uploaded public domain or supplier photography graphics, quality control and coffee service.   
Additional clients include - NACO/Thousand Trails, Subaru NW Dealers, EuroVacations, Life Magazine (stringer), Ad Age (stringer), Odyssey Club Travel, Inc., Discovery Tours, and more.