Creativity, Readability

and Search-engine Optimization

james fisher ~ helping communicate your vision

Philosophy one:  You do not write effective sales materials by just sitting down and getting "creative".  The best writers in any genre start with research and a plan.  That's how Shakespeare wrote.  How Henry James wrote.  How Stephen King writes.  How David Ogilvy wrote.  How David Lodge writes.  This is how to be effective.

Philosophy two:  People are people.  They tend respond to stimulus in predictable ways.  Every time.

Philosophy three:   Gimmicks don't work.

Philosophy four:  What is proven to work in direct sales either over the internet or in a printed snail-mail delivered direct response piece is exactly the same for either medium.  (See philosophy two.)

Philosophy five:  What is proven to work in sales lead generation is different, very different, than what works in direct sales.  (See philosophy two.)