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  . . .what avails a business to have search-engine optimized web content that doesn't captivate, motivate and sell? 






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Here are your choices:

     Right brain communication ~ all logic, no emotion.

     Left brain communication ~ all emotion, no logic.

     Whole brain ~ a subtle balance of emotional and factual appeals engagingly presented to motivate your prospect to act.

     If it's publicity, radio or print advertising, sales collateral, catalog copy, sales letters, fund raising appeals or direct mail packages, you want whole brain involvement with your prospect that leads to a desired action.  Such as buying a product or service, supporting a cause, making a contribution or adopting a new behavior.

     And if it's web content, it must be search-engine optimized so your web site finds a prospect when a prospect is searching for you.  Then it must grab, captivate then motivate your prospect to act in the way that you want.

     So here's your choice.  Right brain.  Left brain.  Whole brain . . .or no brain.

          Think about it.

               Then call or email me today for a free review of your marketing communications.