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My brain, where I come up with the ideas listed here.
Research Statement
    My research interests lie in phonology, speech perception, and their neurological correlates. I’m particularly interested in the extent to which phonological knowledge interacts with or is influenced by social cognition, general audition, or visual processing during the perception of phonetic and phonological variation and how these interactive processes affect phonological learning, production and sound change. 

Current Projects
  • I am currently conducting my dissertation research investigating how listeners' knowledge of non-native speaker specific phonological substitutions modulate reported McGurk percepts & their neurological correlates.
  • I am currently designing an extension to the study above investigating how these results extend to gender categorizations outside of the traditional gender binary. This work is in conjunction with Ian Calloway and Dominique Bouavichith.
  • I am currently working with Jon Brennan and David Brang developing an ECoG task investigating the spatial distribution of phonetic feature activation in the superior temporal gyrus when participants listen to speech with mergers and shifts between speakers of Mainstream US English and Northern Cities Shifted English. 
  • I recently underwent a septorhinoplasty which has been reported to result in voice changes. Pre-operatively I completed an eye tracking task and recorded nasal airflow and spectral measurements of myself reading a word list of items with varying contextual nasalization. I plan to complete these same tasks at 1, 3, & 6 months to document any production or perception changes post-operatively.