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You said:

"Religeon should be what you believe, not what you subscribe to"

We said:

"Anglo-Buddhism is simple.  Just a few beliefs, no praying, no funny clothes!  There's no Bible and no Church!"  

You said:

"I don't have the time to believe in a religeon"

We said:

"Anglo-Buddhism doesn't impose on your lifestyle at all!"

You said:

"I like the sound of Buddhism, but can that work in the Western world?"

We said:

"This religeon has been Anglicised!  We've replaced funny clothes and rituals with a nice cup of tea and a healthy dose of reality!" 

So what is Anglo-Buddhism?

Well, Anglo-Buddhism is the fastest-growing unwritten religeon around!
(fastest growing because most people already believe in it, when you tell what what it is, they change to it!)
(unwritten because theres nothing written down about it)

Anglo-Buddhism is a mix of atheism, buddhism, hinduism and paganism.  Sound scary?  Here's what we believe in:

  • balance/equilibrium
    (all living things naturally get in harmony with nature.  most people need balance to survive)
  • meditation
    (you don't have to get in a funny position, just take the time every now and again to re-harmonise yourself with nature and re-clarify your mind, it helps a lot!)
  • reincarnation (optional)
    (do you ever get the feeling you've been here before?  do you think you might come back again?  how do you explain ghosts and the paranormal/supernatural to yourself?)
  • karma
    (if you do bad things, they'll come back to haunt you!  treat people as you'd like to be tret!  seriously, it all makes sense!  loads of people believe in it!)

Not what you meant?  Here's what we don't believe in:

  • no god/the devil
    (theres nothing to suggest a conscious omnipotent being exists.  and the history of christianity shows they 'created' the devil to blackmark the god of another religeon!  and why should we believe in god?  bet you dont!  in any case, the christian god seems perverted, allowing hunger and disease)
  • no heaven/hell
    (the christian idea of hell seems boring, full of old people watering pot plants, no drink/drugs/sex/good music.  hell's god torture and pain.  but if god doesnt exist, why should heaven?  its just a sense of hope that theres something good waiting for you in the next life!)
  • no praying or funny clothes
    (we believe religeon should be what you believe, not a lifestyle choice!  in today's busy world, we need to believe in something that doesnt get in the way of our hectic lifestyles.  praying never really appealed anyway; its boring and time-consuming!)
  • no church or holy book
    (rules, rules, rules!  your religeon shouldnt be what you're told to believe, but what you believe!  as simple as that!  scrap the rules!) 

Anglo-Buddhism in a nutshell:

  • atheism (no god or heaven)
  • karma (be good or we'll be bad)
  • reincarnation, probably! 
  • meditation (some time alone to sort out your head-space!) 
  • no church
  • no praying
  • no funny clothes
  • no preaching
  • pass go, collect £200 
    (in monopoly money!) 


So why not?

This isn't a strange cult, this is what we GENUINELY believe!  No celebrity bling or rubber ducks, just raw beliefs!


Got any questions?