All the places you'll find me finding things.... 

  • bluehouse  - Where I work, we're a sustainable retailer in Baltimore City offering anything from furniture to building supplies to organic and fairly traded coffee, tea and food.
  • - A review site to keep you informed about the latest and greatest from all over the whole green community.
  • - Another review site, focusing more on design than sustainability.
  • Wikipedia - Because  how can I not link to the best damn free encyclopedia in the wwww (whole world wide web)?
  •  The Onion - The only reliable news source.
  • Petition For An American Autobahn  - I created this a while ago, at last count almost 2000 signatures...And it's not [all] about driving fast.

Here are the pages I find myself at most days, whether to kill time or do some serious learnin'.  Check back as I find and add new sites!