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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Hope everyone's Easter was well, I wasn't able to make it home for dinner, luckily some friends here in Baltimore threw a superb dinner at their apartment.   So I proceeded to get bombed and go to my bartending job three sheets to the wind.  All was well, I got really busy, ad the evening was extremely profitable.  I then slept the next day until 2pm, which is totally out of character for me (I usually wake around 8-9am).


Wednesday, April 7, 2006


I must be a glutton for punishment - I'm on my second week in a row working 80+ hours between both jobs. Luckily, my real job is a furniture/home decor store/cafe/coffeeshop, so I just stay wired all day. I don't suppose that this is any good for my health, but at least I can buy stuff for myself again. It's been an odd week, life-wise. I'd go into it, but then I'd lose friends.

 Also, I'm madly addicted to buying things.  I just spent an inordinate amount of money on like, two tshirts and a hoodie!!  And why, I ask.  I mean, I'm OK with it, especially now that I can afford to do it again (see above).  Eh, I'll live.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006


It snowed this morning. What the fuck?

Tuesday, 4 April, 2006


So here I find myself, again exhausted from a long weekend.  I suppose I should feel rested, but whenever Tuesday (my Monday) comes, I feel like doing nothing but sleeping in and playing Monopoly on my cellphone as I wake intermittently.   Which, by the way, is an addiction I've developed recently - I now know no greater joy than crushing simulated opponents on such a tiny little screen.    It's sick, I know, but better than all the trouble I could be causing right now.   Anyways, I'll try to use this as an outlet for my brain, if ever it comes back to live in my head again, happily ever after.

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