A high energy choreographed activity designed for you to work at your own level, to a variety of themes e.g. African, 60’s, Latin, Modern etc. The class is ½ an hour of cardiovascular followed by floor work to tone, strengthen and lengthen your muscles. The theme changes weekly to add interest.

Firelamp atmosphere and a modern approach, designed to increase strength, lengthen muscles, release toxins, and elevate your mood, not forgetting improving mental focus and balance. This workout has many levels, some easy, others more challenging, but you workout at a level that suits you.
We have an age range of 15-80 and you can stop or opt out at any time and just relax, listening to the soothing music. Mats and blocks (to assist movement and awareness) are supplied.

Ease into fitness
This class does what it says and the tin - ‘ease yourself into exercise’. It’s suitable for any age and anybody recovering from an illness or an operation. It could be that you are simply apprehensive about an exercise class, perhaps you’ve never done any exercise before.
The class consists of a warm up, cardiovascular training, working the heart and lungs by moving your body to a simple routine for approx 15-20 minutes. There are also strength and endurance exercises supported by a chair, ending with flexibility and cool down.
Sing along to popular songs to exercise your vocal chords at the same time. A whole body approach.

Aqua Aerobics
If you have major problems with joints etc then this is the class for you. Non-weight bearing exercise done in water, no swimming involved, you won’t even get your hair wet! The added resistance of the water can help you work more efficiently. This is a fun workout and helps you burn fat as your moving for 45 minutes non-stop, but because you’re weightless, it will seem easy! The deeper you go, the harder you’re working.

This tones the muscles and works the cardiovascular system with the use of a variable height step. Music has a distinct step beat to aid the correct safe pace. Body and weights are used (optional) for upper body strength. Abs work included. A challenging, invigorating workout which will leave you on a high! A great calorie burner!

Tums, bums and core strengthening
This focuses on core stability. Great for people with back problems, guaranteed to work those problem areas – waist, stomach and butt.

Exercise at different stations in short intervals, invigorating. You choose the pace and intensity throughout.

Fat burner
Low impact fun workout suitable for everyone. The first of this class involves learning the easy to follow routine. Once learned, the music increases in volume and speed to perfect the routine. At the end of this workout you’ll be burning fat for 10+ hours and will feel like a ‘professional dancer’. The emphasis here is on moving your body for 45 minutes and not on getting the moves right.

Beat ball
Using stability balls and drumsticks, combines aerobic movement to the rhythm of the drum.
Exercises are often added towards the end to make this a very unusual interesting workout. Great if you have a fitball sitting at home and not quite sure what to do with it. Great fun!

Body sculpting
Strengthens the muscles throughout the body with emphasis on the ‘bingo wings’ and abs. low impact workout using light weights (optional).

I am not a believer in diets!!! DIETS DON’T WORK. The ‘Eating for life’ programme teaches you the correct way to shop, cook and eat for life. Your current eating plan will be analysed with your weight and body fat measured and monitored frequently, free of charge if attending classes.
Aqua Zumba
Latin fun workout, easy dance moves in the pool. 

Cardiovascular Interval Training
A mixed blend of cardiovascular, strength, core and flexibility training.

Book for an appointment (why not share the cost with friends) 01559362690. You can lose weight for good.