Private Tutoring List

This is a community service only.

The tutors listed below work locally and privately in the Jacksonville area.

These tutors usually make on-line requests for their names be listed. 
A name listed here does not constitute knowledge of the tutor, a recommendation, or availability. 

Important regulations regarding private tutoring:
Jacksonville State University assumes no accountability or liability for any information, expressed or implied, contained herein. We reserve the right to add to or delete names from this list at any time.

Due to liability issues, no private sessions may be held in the Teaching/Learning Center. If you encounter a problem with a tutor listed below, please feel free to email

Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the spreadsheet window to see the rest of the tutor's information. 

Private Tutoring List

If you wish to be listed as a private tutor, please complete this form.  Private tutors only; no tutoring centers or organizations.