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About Us

The Teaching/Learning Center is an after-school tutoring site for students from public, private, and home-schooled settings. Students receive free, one-to-one tutoring sessions in specific subjects designated by their parents/guardians. The T/LC is part of Jacksonville State University's College of Education and Professional Studies

Each student receives one to two hours of free tutoring per week from 2:00PM to 4:30PM during the Fall and Spring semesters. Due to the shorter length of the May session, tutoring sessions typically occurs on 10-12 consecutive days.

Our tutors are students in the education program training to become teachers. Tutoring is a course they must take to satisfy their certification requirements.

Elementary Grades (K-6) - Students in grades K through 6 can come to tutoring one to two hours a week for all subject areas.

Secondary Grades (7-12) - Students in grades 7 through 12 can come for two hours a week in a specific subject, such as math or English.