About Me

Lila and Oliver (2010)

Prior to entering academia, I spent a number of years in the healthcare sector as a controller for a large, national healthcare insurer and administrator for a hospital chain. I currently teach corporate finance and accounting to graduate students in the health administration and policy program at Saint Louis Univerisity with a particular focus on how finance and accounting relate to the overall strategy of the firm. My research is centered on capital structure and investment behavior, assessment of risk, the implementation of payment methodologies, and the community benefit provided by hospitals. In addition, I am a Fellow with the Academy of Healthcare Management and a Board Member of the Missouri Healthcare Executives Group.



A sleeping monster

On a more personal note, late last year my wife and I welcomed Oliver W.L. Turner to our family.  On the odd chance that I am not babysitting or attempting to fill other fatherly duties I can be found enjoying the outdoors, golfing, reading, or making a turn on the dance floor with my wife.



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