10 Reasons I Didn't Start a MySpace Account (concl)

3.    Each Page Takes Too Long to Load

I have a broadband connection that downloads up to about 5Mbps, which loads anything almost instantly, yet the typical MySpace profile takes minutes to load.  I theorize this is because of reason number 6 presented earlier, but I could be wrong.  If people wouldn't embed so much stupid shit onto one web page, this wouldn't be a problem, but whatever. 

2.    Empty Communication

99% of guestbook posts consist of something like "OMG, I haven't talked to u in forever, LOL!  How r u doin!"  

And then nothing.  No response from the creator or the person who initiated the great post.  It's as if the creator is gloating that someone wanted to talk to them.  

You might be asking yourself why I ranked this reason so high?  It's just that the above is present on every MySpace profile and it seems to be the big result of such a pointless endeavor.  

1.    After Carefully Considering the Word "MySpace," and Thinking        About What the Site Really Is and What It's Used For, It's                Evident That It's Nothing More than an Unsafe Website that is           Tailored for Self-Fulfillment, Exhibitionism, Opportunists, and        People Who Can't Let Go of the Past

'Nuff said.