(In)Famous Quotes From People I Know

Many people quote those who became famous.  Those quotes are not what define us.  Rather, it's the things people say to us day to day, the things that actually sink in (even if they don't have some profound meaning), that help define who we are.  Below are some things I remember people saying.  It may not be exactly what they said, but it's what I remember.  

I'd eat a mile of her shit just to find out where she came from.

-Unknown Origin, relayed by Senior



The older I get, the smarter my father becomes.  


You pay for what you don't know. 

-Bruce F.  


 Sort of, but...not really. 


And, if I was smart...back when I was 13, I would've gotten fixed...and then all of you wouldn't be here right now and all this bullshit wouldn't have happened!


You know what I miss the most about after you all moved away--just good conversation, really good conversation--I feel like I can't have a real conversation with the people that come around anymore...


 (In response to the grumbling classic: "That's not fair!") Well, life's not fair.  


(upon being accused of fucking something up) What're you talking about?



(very drunkenly) I love ya, man.  


-Senior (archive footage)

The sins of the father become the sins of the son.  

-Senior (archive footage)


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