Languages, Acquired and Intuitive and Witness Tree Projects


1.  August 15, 2015 Aldo Leopold Summer Conference, Building a Land Ethic, Teaching and Learning Across Boundaries, UW-Baraboo, Sauk County, WI

The Witness Tree Project and the Art of Engagement

Rebecca Power, Rebecca Power Images:
John Steines, Expressionist Artist and Registered Nurse with an emphasis on wellness and resiliency
Witness Tree is an ongoing community conversation that hosts events that integrate the languages of art, science, public policy, and personal decision-making as part of a more holistic dialog that is necessary for a sustainable future. This presentation will share some of the foundational principles of Witness Tree and how they relate to Leopold’s “Land Ethic”, illustrate how we have brought those concepts to life in art and conversation, and engage participants in a creative discussion about what “thinking communities”211 look like. Attendees will produce a collaborative work representing the group’s discussion. Participants are encouraged to bring their own small natural objects to add to the collaborative work.

2.  Opening August 12 through Oct 17, 2015:  Earth Sculpture 2015, A Creative Collaboration with Nature, Farley Center for Peace, Justice and Sustainability. Artist reception Sept 12, 3-5 pm.

3.  Lead Artist for Intentionally Welcoming Exhibitions, Union Corners, Hops Museum, and Children's Museum, Madison WI.  Opening May 6, 2016 through July 24, 2016.

Adrian-Phyllis Tree, 2014

John Steines is an expressionist artist working in peeled willow and willow bark and oil on canvas. He has worked in willow for 15 years, primarily exhibiting ephemeral sculpture at Starkweather Solstice Celebration and in private gardens.  In 2012, he published Languages, Acquired and Intuitive, a retrospective collection of works in charcoal, pastel and oil.  John is the lead artist for the Witness Tree Group Exhibitions, first premiered in March 2013.  These shows will move from community to community inviting in local artists and featuring new works with each installation.  Witness Tree features a large tree that functions as a community gathering space in installations.  His works continue to reflect the digging into personal and shared experience in seeking the universal nugget and communal sharing. BS Nursing, UW Madison 1976.  Advanced study in art with Carol Pylant in UW Madison Art Dept.

                    Works by John Steines

 “John Steines' expressive artwork is an impressive, mature body of work.” John Fitzpatrick, past Director of Supervision and Administration of the National Art Education Association, an Arts/ Humanities delegate for the United States to the International Education Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2006. 

 "Steines' Languages, Acquired and Intuitive is a multi-colored/textured body of work that articulates a vision that is both spiritual and human."  Fine art collector Mario Ostrowski M.D, Depts. of Medicine, Immunology.  Toronto, ONT.


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