Meet The Board!

JAIN YOUTH BOARD'S EMAIL ADDRESS: jsnt-youth-exec-board@googlegroups.conspiring lead

Meet the President: Avni Nandu

Jai Jinendra! My name is Avni Nandu and I am this years Jain Youth Group President. This will be my fourth and final year on the Youth Board, as I am a Senior at Plano Senior High School. Go Wildcats! I’ve been attending Patshala at JSNT for almost 14 years now, and am ready to make my last year one filled with lots of fun and learning. I attended YJA’12 in Tampa, FL and YJA’14 in Washington D.C, and cant wait for the upcoming YJA’16 in July 2016. I hope to use my position to get kids that are eligible to attend YJA as hyped up for it as I am! Outside of Pathshala, I am an AP Student at Plano Senior and I’ve been playing the cello for 7 years! I am the Plano SHS Orchestra President as well as a National Honor Society Officer. In my free time, you’ll catch me cheering on the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Longhorns, or my very own Wildcat Football team! I hope you’re all as excited about this year as I am!

Meet the VP of Public Relations: Shivani Daftary

Jai Jinendra! My name is Shivani Daftary and I am so excited to be the 2015-2016 Vice President of Public Relations. This is my third year on the Youth Board although I have been attending Patshala classes at the Jain Society of North Texas for over 13 years. A junior at Greenhill School, I am a part of the debate team and have been playing the flute for past 6 years. When I’m not at school or Patshala, you can find me at the animal shelter or volunteering at the Gooch Elementary School by helping underprivileged kids. In my free time, I’ll be cheering on the Dallas Cowboys or enjoying many of the great aspects of Dallas! As the VP of Public Relations, I look forward to planning JSNT youth activities as well as organizing local and national Youth Group events! I’m so fortunate to work with such a great team and look forward to this being an amazing year!

Meet the VP of Community Service: Man Vinayaka

Jai Jinendra, my name is Man Vinayaka and I am the new Vice President of Community Service! I am truly excited to finally be on the board. I have been in the Patshala system for over 10 years now, and anticipate that I will always continue to learn more about Jainism all throughout my life. I am currently a junior at Coppell High School, Go Cowboys! In school, I am a part of BPA, HOSA, and Coppell App Development as I have a passion for computer science and developing applications. When school is not consuming my life, I enjoy playing tennis and attending Boy Scouts; I am not an eagle yet, but hope to be one soon. As the VP of Community Service, I hope to bring more fun and engaging ways to help the Jain community as well as help coordinate enjoyable social events.

Meet the Secretaries:

Ashni Shah
Jai Jinendra! My name is Ashni Shah and I am one of the secretaries on the Jain Youth Board for the 2015-2016 year. I am a junior in the Plano East Senior High School IB Program. I have been apart of the Pathshala program for almost 12 years now and by being on the youth board I can involve myself in the Jain community. I hope to gain an amazing experience and to bring myself closer to Jainism. I can't wait for to see what this year has in store!

Naman Adenwala

Hey! My name is Naman Adenwala and I am in 10th grade. I love to do competitive swimming as well as practice martial arts. It's my first year to be a part of the board and I am really looking forward to helping out, and most of all, having fun.

Meet the Webmaster/Spirit Leader: Adit Jain

Jai Jinendra, my name is Adit Jain and I am honored to serve as this year's Jain Youth Group Webmaster/Spirit Leader! I recently moved from Virginia, where I actively participated in local Jain events and Youth Group, through which I was able to attend the YJA 2014 convention in D.C. Currently enrolled as a Junior at Plano East Senior High, I look forward to being a part of Dallas's Jain community, and especially helping to encourage other young Jains to be active members as well. Outside of school and pathshala, I am an Eagle Scout, and have a true passion for soccer. As a Scout, I love to help people, and always have a drive for bettering the community. My other hobbies include computer science, as I serve an officer position for Computer Science at my school, video editing (Go check out my YT channel!), and watching collegiate football (Gig 'em Aggies!). In order to make this year fun for everyone, we want to hear more of what you have to say; If you have any suggestions on what we should do this year, please let us know and we'll try to make it happen! Let's make this a good one!