Meet The Board!


Meet the Secretary: Shivani Daftary

Meet the Vice President of Public Relations: Prachi Shah 

Jai Jinendra! My name is Prachi Shah and I'm your Vice President of Public Affairs for the 2012-2013 school year. I'm super excited for this year and helping our temple and the community. I look forward to planning fun events within our youth group as well as with other groups across the region. I've regularly attended pathshala in Detroit since I was 3 and here in Dallas since the 6th grade. I am so lucky to have gotten to learn a lot and been given so many opportunities because of this. Currently, I'm a sophomore at Jasper High School in Plano. Outside of that, I'm a kathak dancer and I play the clarinet in band. I also love to read, hang out with friends, and help out in the community.

Meet the President: Simmi Nandu
Jai Jinedra! I'm Simmi Nandu and I am your new President. I've been a part of the Jain Society of North Texas since I was very young and am proud to be a part of such a wholesome and excellent Patshala. Our Patshala has given me so much knowledge my Jain religion and that is why I am looking forward to planning events to benefit the Jain community, as well as North Texas. Currently, I am a senior at Plano East, where I am also a part of the International Baccalaureate program.  I have been a member of orchestra for7 years now and have been Orchestra Officer every single year. In addition, I am in a number of school clubs and very active withing the community. Outside of school, I'm an avid sports fan. I've played soccer for 12 years and I always make time to watch my Dallas Cowboys! I'm lookng forward to a great year of helping our community!

Meet the Vice President of Community Service: Reena Maheshwari
Jai Jinendra! My name is Reena Maheshwari and I am a senior at Plano East Senior High School. I have been a part of the North Texas Jain community for about 12 years and have learned a lot from the Pathshala teachers and the community as a whole. Now I have the opportunity to be the YJA Comm. Serv. VP for North Texas. As secretary I hope to keep out youth group organized and on track so that we can achieve the most that we possibly can. Outside of the temple, I swim for my high school and am part of several clubs that participate in many community service activates. I look forward to having a successful year as part of YJA.

Meet the Spirit Leader: Avni Nandu

Jai Jinendra! My name is Avni Nandu and I am a sophomore at RC Clark High School in Plano, TX. I have been a part of JSNT since I was 2 years old, and it has become a huge part of my life. Growing up with the opportunity to be a part of my Jain religion has made me a much better person now.  Being much older today, I can understand how hard it must be to organize all of the awesome events that JSNT holds, and that is why, as your Spirit Leader, I am here to help! I attended the YJA Convention in Tampa, Florida and can't wait to be on the YJA Dallas board! Outside of Pathshala, I have been in Orchestra for 5 years now and I have been in leadership positions for 4 out of those 4 years. Also, I am a part of NHS, which requires hard work and dedication to the community. If I'm not busy with school work, you'll find me cheering on my teams, the Dallas Cowboys and FC Dallas! I also love to sing, dance and just have a good time! I look forward to serving you this year!