Research to-do list for items that still need to be found for 
Joseph S Milburn and Sarah Seaman Cattern.
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Joan Find obituary for Sarah Seaman Cattern Milburn  
Joan Find Naturalization papers for Joseph S. Milburn  
Joan Find J.S. Milburn and Sarah in the 1885 Iowa Census  
Joan Find J. S. Milburn and Sarah in the 1905 Census  
Joan Research if records are available for the Salvation Army in Mystic, Iowa in the early 20th century.  
Joan Research if records are available from the United Brethren Church of Mystic, Iowa.   
Joan Research info on early days of Mystic, Iowa  
Joan Research history of Hiteman, Iowa  
Joan Find J S Milburn in 1860 Census  
Joan Find J S Milburn in 1870 Census  
Joan Get copy of death certificates for Joseph & Sarah  
Joan Were Joseph & Sarah buried from a funeral home?  
Joan Get records from cemetery for Joseph & Sarah  
Joan Do land records exist for Joseph & Sarah?  
Joan Get copy of marriage record from Monroe County  
Joan In the 1925 census Joseph states his religion is "W.B" - what is that? Answer: I misread the handwriting. It should be "U.B." for United Brethern.  
Joan Gather info on Arnet Mine in Appanoose County, Iowa where J. S. Milburn worked. UPDATE 14 May 2010: From Bill Hawkins: "The book History of Mystic, Iowa, 1887-1987" published by the Mystic Centennial Committee, co-chaired by Ida Maletta and Dorothy Zaputil mentions "the Arnett" mine ... BUT .. Bill Heusinkveld in his "The History of Coal Mining in Appanoose County, Iowa" (2007) writes about the Four Coal Co. West Mine (Appanoose Coal Co.) in NW NE of Section 21, T-69N, R-18W ... that it "started out to be Arnutt Mines No. 3, 4, and 6. Arnutt was sometimes spelled Arnot." Arnutt Mines 1894-1901, Elec. Coal Co. 1920-45, Four Coal Co. 1942-44, Appanoose Coal 1945. He gives a brief description."  
Showing 17 items