Salvation Army

posted May 20, 2010, 7:47 AM by Midwest Ancestree
Heard back from my inquiry to the Salvation Army Divisional Museum:
"I am sorry but we are not able to find information regarding your Great Grandfather Joseph Milburn.  We do have records on people who became Salvation Army Officers but not members (soldiers).  I think Mystic was an Outpost connected with the Corps in Centerville.  Some Outposts grow and become full-fledged corps and others do not.   I am glad Joseph joined the United Brethren Church when The Salvation Army was no longer in Mystic.  
I would be interested If you find any other historic information regarding Joseph Milburn.
God bless
Gloria Stepke
Historical Museum Director"

I had also called the closest church in Ottumwa, Iowa as well as Omaha, Nebraska, but no luck.  This effort has reached a dead end, I'm afraid.