A Family History by Mamie Milburn Abbott

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This clipping was found among the papers of Esther (Mamie's sister).  I believe it is from the 

"History of Appanoose County Iowa 1986"

book, but at the present time I do not have the correct source details.  (Update 15 May 2010:  From Bill Hawkins: "The two clippings do come from the history book ... Appanoose County, Iowa, 1986.  Written by the People of Appanoose County, Compiled by the Appanoose County Historical Society, Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas.  Mamie's article is on page 129; the Conger Family article is on pages 159-160.")

The clipping states (Punctuation and spelling exactly as written in article):
"Mamie (Milburn) Abbott History

Joseph S. Milburn, my Grandfather, was born in Newbrunswick, Canada August 20, 1851.  His Father Joseph Milburn was born January 4, 1810.  His Mother, Martha, was born March 12, 1817.  Date they passed away not known.  Joseph S. was the fourth child of a family of eight sons and four daughters.  His Grandfather was Jeremiah Millburn, born in Stanhope, England.  When a young man, he came to Hiteman, Iowa; a small town near Albia.  In 1874 he met and married Sarah A. Seaman Cattern at Cedar Mines, Iowa.  In 1888 he moved his family to Mystic, Iowa.  At that time, there were very few houses and a large part of the land was covered with brush and trees.
He worked at the Arnet Mine until it closed.  He was converted and worked with the Salvation Army in Mystic and later united with the United Brethern Church of Mystic.  he passed away May 21, 1925 and Sarah, his wife, born April 10, 1846 died October 10 1826.  They had five children:  Joseph Enzely (Jode) born March 14, 1876, Lovel Sylvester (Bud) born May 22, 1877; Rollan born November 15, 1879 and died in infancy; Rose born September 24, 1881.  She died July 26, 1907. Frank born February 21, 1888.  Joseph Enzely married Nellie May Morlan on November 12, 1899 at Mystic, Iowa.  He started working for the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway in 1898 and retired June 4, 1941.  He passed away August 24, 1962.  His wife Nellie died April 14, 1981.  They had six children:  Enzely, Mamie, Fred, Esther, Marion and Marie.
Lovel married Dosha Morlan.  They had five children:  Henry, Icle, Troy, Clifford and Kenneth.  Loved died in 1950.  Dosha was born in 1883 and died in 1969.
Rose married Bill Bainbridge and they had one son, Robert.
Frank married Minnie Marcheck.  Frank ran shoe repair shop in Mystic for years.  They later moved to Denver, Colorado where he died.  All of the children of J. S. Milburn have passed away and his Grand-children, Great-Grandchildren and Great-Great-Grandchildren are living in Iowa, California and the State of Washington.
Mamie, the daughter of Joseph Enzely Milburn and Nellie was born March 18, 1903.  She married Orville C. Abbott on April 22, 1922.  Orville was born March 19, 1900 and died September 27, 1965.  They had three children:  John J. now living in Hayward, California; Charles J. now living in Des Moines, Iowa and Virginia May Summy also living in Des Moines."