A minisymposium will consist of four 20 minute presentations with 5 minutes for discussion after each on a single topic of substantial current interest and importance at the interface of mathematics and its application to biology,  including all areas of the life and medical sciences.

Proposals for a series of minisymposia using a few of 100-minutes time slots are also welcome.

In conducting a minisymposium, the session organizer should provide an overview of the minisymposium, introduce the speakers, provide an opportunity for discussion and monitor the timing of each speaker. The organizer may also be one of the speakers

Abstract and Registration

All the invited speakers of minisymposia are expected to send their abstracts (in one A4 page -- find the template here) to the organizer(s) of your minisymposium by May 15. The minisymposium organizer(s) will then send them to the conference organizer by May 31.

The invited speakers are also expected to register by themselves -- find the link to online registration page from here. Note that early bird registration fee and conference dinner fee apply if registered by May 31. Note also that the fee for members applies to non-member invited speakers, too.       

List of Accepted Minisymposia (see Program book for latest information)

 Title Organizer(s) Date
 1Mathematical models of cancer development and treatmentPeter Kim Aug 1
 2The definition, properties and uses of the reproduction number in infectious disease epidemiologyHisashi Inaba Jul 29
 3The Luria-Delbruck mutation model: its past, present and futureQi Zheng Jul 29
 4Control theory for biological networksTatsuya Akutsu Aug 1
 5Current rise of physical ethology in an individual lower organismToshiyuki Nakagaki Jul 31
 6Integrated approaches to the analysis of pattern formation in biological systemsToshio Sekimura and Phillip Maini Jul 30
 7Contribution of high-risk groups to transmission of sexually transmitted infectionsRyosuke Ohmori Jul 29
 8Modeling socio-economic aspects of ecosystem management and biodiversity conservationYoh Iwasa Jul 29
 9-10 (double)Methods of mathematical cell biology Takashi Suzuki Jul 30
 11-12 (double)Recent perspectives on mathematical epidemiologyRobert Smith? Jul 30
 13Virophysics: Deriving the laws driving viral infections in vitroCatherine Beauchemin and Shingo Iwami Jul 31
 14Dynamical models in mathematical biologyStephen A. Wirkus Jul 31
 15Complex models and mathematical methodologies for parameter estimationFranz Kappel and Doris H. Fuertinger Jul 31
 16Using social media and mathematical modeling to forecast infectious diseasesSara Del Valle Jul 31
 17Transient dynamics and timescales in ecologyAlan Hastings Jul 30
 18-19 (double)PDE models of collective phenomena in life sciences and socioeconomicsJan Haskovec Jul 29
 20Biophysical modeling for cellular processesMasashi Tachikawa Jul 30
 21Biological markets and the evolution of interaction networksAtsushi Yamauchi and Arndt Telschow Jul 30
 22-23 (double)Theory and Experiment in intra/inter Cellular DynamicsNen Saito and Shuji Ishihara Jul 31

 24Stochastic processes on biological fluctuationsTetsuya J. Kobayashi and Cheng-Hung Chang Jul 30
 25Information, adaptation, & robustness in biological systemsTetsuya J. Kobayashi and Shinya Kuroda Jul 29
 26-28 (triple)Patterning and Morphogenesis in Developmental BiologyYoshihiro Morishita and Lee Seirin Jul 29
 29-30 (double)Modeling infectious disease using various mathematical equations Shingo Iwami Aug 1
 31Linking environment, levels of biological organization, and disciplines using bioenergeticsMarko Jusup Jul 30
 32Recent advances in community ecology theory and feedbacks from field and experimental studiesHisashi Ohtsuki and Yayoi Takeuchi: Aug 1
 33In-host models of viral infectionStanca Ciupe and Jonathan Forde Aug 1
 34Collective behaviour of fishes and birdsTsuyoshi Mizuguchi Jul 31
 35-36 (double)Stochastic reaction-diffusion modelling in cell biology Radek Erban Aug 1
 37Mathematical models for protein polymerization in amyloid diseasesMarie Doumic and H.T. Banks Jul 31
 38Evolving population structure and dynamics of epidemicMagdalena Rosinska, and Piotr Gwiazda  Jul 31
 39Mathematical models of tissue regulation and cancer developmentIgnacio Rodriguez-Brenes Jul 30
 40Mathematical messages for ecosystem modification with human impact/operationHiromi Seno and Horst Malchow Jul 31
 41Epithelium dynamicsTatsuo Shibata Jul 31
 42Studies of microbiological swimmingEamonn Gaffney Aug 1
 43Computational studies on self-driven particles for biological systemsMasatomo Iwasa Aug 1
 44New developments in modeling and analysis of circadian rhythms -- I. New developments in modeling and analysis of autonomous circadian clocksGen Kurosawa, Jihwan Myung and Casey Diekman Jul 31
 45New developments in modeling and analysis of circadian rhythms -- II. Modeling and analysis of the collective behavior of circadian clocksGen Kurosawa, Jihwan Myung and Casey Diekman Jul 31
 46The effect of relationship dynamics and co-infection on the HIV epidemicsGeorgi Kapitanov Aug 1
 47Mathematical models to predict infectious disease controlsRoslyn Hickson Aug 1
 48Evolutionary constraints shape trait spaces and adaptive evolutionHiroshi Ito and Akira Sasaki Jul 30
 49Lyapunov functional methods and its applications I: delayed, multi-dimensional modelsYoichi Enatsu Jul 30
 50Regulatory mechanism and dynamics of biological systemsAtsushi Mochizuki Jul 31
 51Lyapunov functional methods and its application II: age-structured population modelsToshikazu Kuniya Jul 30
 52Adaptive evolution in structured populationsJoe Yuichiro Wakano and Akira Sasaki Jul 29
 53Challenges in mathematical modeling of pattern formation in developmental biologyAnna Marciniak-Czochra and Izumi Takagi Jul 30
 54Ecological network: progresses and perspectivesHsuan-Wien Chen and Takefumi Nakazawa Jul 31
 55-56 (double)Integrative Study of Cell-Matrix InteractionsYi Jiang Jul 29
 57Vascular patterning: From experiments to theory and backAlvaro Köhn-Luque, Walter de Back and Takashi Miura Aug 1
 58Dynamical system approaches in stem cell biologyYukihiko Nakata Jul 29
 59Understanding mimicry --- evolutionary and developmental dynamics of signal sharingKeiichiro Tokita and Akira Sasaki Aug 1
 60Dynamics of experimental evolution – arms race and self-organizationAkira Sasaki and Ichizo Kobayashi Jul 30
 61Mathematical methods for rational design of genome sequencesTetsushi Yada Jul 30
 62Evolution of bacteria as hosts and as pathogensMasaki Fukuyo, Akira Sasaki and Bruce R. Levin Jul 31
 63Ecology and evolution in the gut microbiotaKatharine Coyte and Jonas Schluter Jul 31
 64Exploring frontiers in spatial ecologyKazunori Sato, Hideo Ezoe and Keiichiro Tokita Jul 29
 65-66 (double)Modeling on HBV infection and related topicXianning Liu and Xuezhi Li Jul 29
 67Clinically relevant mathematical models of cancerAlexander R. A. Anderson: Jul 30
 68-69 (double)The fluid dynamics of biological pumping and filmsAlexander Hoover and Laura Miller Jul 29
 70Mathematical modeling of tumor growth and therapyAmina Eladdadi and Heiko Enderling  Aug 1
 71Recent Topics in Modeling Disease and Intervention PolicyEunok Jung Aug 1