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English 4 U

Hi 2 all,
This page is dedicated to you 2 help you with different problem areas and to serve as a platform for extra exercises and interesting posts.
I'm available weekly on Mondays @ 13.30 -14.15 in the Druga Library. Please come with your questions or contact me by e-mail. Anything, anytime.
I'll be waiting 4U.
; )

Here's a suggestion for more reading and vocabulary practice- start reading The Slovenia Times:
check out:
for the latest entertainment news
something for general knowlege!
By the way, very interesting and clear presentation!

Electing a US President in Plain English

When you don't know how to pronounce the word you can check out:

English Pronouncing Dictionary with Instant Sound Free Online

American and British spellings, with alternative pronunciations. Sounds are fast and clear.

I would also like to share this site with you
Please check it out.
Lots of interesting and cool stuff! Not to mention useful!
You won't be sorry!
; ))

Jasna Sukič Krajnc,
31 Aug 2008, 04:22