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English 4 Poetry and Literature

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. Seneca

Here's a list of links for the Matura Poetry and Literature Exam- Higher Level.

I have enjoyed  watching all these videos! ; ) WOW for You Tube! Hope this is helpful!

Robert Frost Poetry  Robert Frost The road not taken R. Frost Woods on a snowy evening (a song) R. Frost Woods on a snowy evening (a song by  3 high school girls) All you want to know about Robert Frost

Emily Dickinson Poetry an ode to Emily Dickinson about her life, really great I heard a fly buzz when I died, great Because I could not stop for death There's a certain slant of light Hope is a thing with feathers recited by a child, great!

Wordsworth Poetry About Wordsworth and Romanticism The Daffodils The Daffodils a bit of rap, great presentation of The Daffodils interesting!

Shakespeare sonnets: sonnet 18 well read sonnets 29, 55, 116 an intro to sonnets sonnet 130 well read a short lecture on sonnet 130 by a prof. sonnet 130 recitation

John Osborne: Look back in Anger Look back in anger / a clip from 1989

Mark Haddon: The curious incident Mark Haddon's web site Wiki Curious incident Autism myths Book reviews of the Curious Incident

Some other links:

Gutenberg :: Internet Public Library :: :: Library of Congress :: :: Words Without Borders