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Welcome 2 JSK's English Corner!

This page was created for you my dear students to have overview of what we're doing in class, to supplement in-class activities and to explore the possibilities of the great world wide web! 

Look at it this way. English is literally everywhere. English happens every day. We have so much English around us that at one point it just becomes US. We no longer belong to one particular country or one particular language because we have this unique opportunity to embrace the whole world.

Anytime. Anyplace!

And this my friends is real revolution. One that is happening in the world of technology (Web 2.0) and the other that is consequently happening on the human level. Just think how we communicate, how we collaborate globally, how we help one another in knowledge building. We are no longer passive recipients of news and information. Oh, no! We are the very creators! The impact of Web 2.0 in the field of teaching and learning has been enormous. Skyping, Webcasting, Podcasting, Blogging, Wikis, social networking to name just a few are enabling, engaging and encouraging! As an example, just check out these two very popular videos by dr. Michael Wesch from The Kansas State University.

An anthropological introduction to YouTube

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

As a result, we can talk about a global culture of tech-savy, always-on and always connected people. This is one exciting world we live in and this is going to be one challenging journey.

I hope this page provides useful links in your academic quest and when you find new interesting things, please let me know.

I am very excited about this new school year 08/09 @ Druga  and look forward to accompany you as you embark on your English journey!; )

However, before we do that we should ALL think about these two videos!

A Vision of Students Today

Education Today and Tomorrow

I'm giving you an opportunity to get involved with all these new possibilities in learning. It is in your hands. Make the best of it!

Take care,

Your English teacher
Ms. Jasna Sukič Krajnc

Class Announcements

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