Research Interests
Network economics, microeconometrics, applied microeconomics

Working Papers

"Structural estimation of pairwise stable networks: an application to social networks in rural India," revise and resubmit, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

"How trade matching forms in the credit default swap market," with Bonsoo Koo and Zijun Liu, revise and resubmit, Journal of Banking & Finance

"Returns to women's education using optimal IV selection," with Bin Jiang, Chuhui Li, and Hee-Seung Yangsubmitted

"Urban interactions," with Eleonora PatachinniPierre Picard, and Yves Zenou (available upon request) 

"A structural model of multigraph formation: Favor exchange and social networks in villages," (available upon request)

"Social network structure and risk sharing in villages," with with Bin Jiang, Chuhui Li, and Ou Yang (available upon request)

"Estimating network externalities in the US airline industry" (available upon request)

Work in Progress

"Educational attainment and job choice: private vs. public sector," with Hee-Seung Yang

“Multi-dimensional Social Networks and Employment Opportunities: Evidence from Rural India,” with Youjin Hahn and Hee-Seung Yang

"A dynamic oligopoly model with unobserved heterogeneity"