News and Achievements

Mar 2018

- Congratulations to Marella Schammel, who was awarded the 2018-2019 Vernon Lucy/Suez Scholarship from the American Water Works Association. This scholarship is awarded to one undergraduate student per year in North America. 

- Congratulations to Kayla Martin-Culet, who was selected to receive the Maryland Section of the American Chemical Society Achievement Award.

- Congratulations to Ryan Dias, who was selected to receive the Greater Washington Institute of Chemists Award.

Jan 2018

Marella Schammel and Tyler Swanson each received a travel grant from the TU Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry to support their trip to the American Chemical Society National Meeting this coming March in New Orleans, LA.

- Congratulations to Marella Schammel on being selected as a campus nominee for a Goldwater Scholarship!

- Group alumnus Matthew Broadwater's research on the chlorination and bromination kinetics of salicylic acid has been published in Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology. Group member Tyler Swanson served as a co-author. The paper was selected by the editors for inclusion in the journal's Emerging Investigators Series. Congratulations!

- Group member Garrett Alexander was admitted to the TU Honors College. Congratulations, Garrett! 

Dec 2017

Garrett Taggart graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree. Congratulations, Garrett!  We wish you continued success in the PhD program at the University of Delaware!
Prof. Sivey and Garrett Taggart at the December 2017 TU Commencement.

- Prof. Sivey received the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics 2017 Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship (Research).

- The group welcomes Mark Niedzwiecki to our research team. 

Nov 2017

- The group welcomes Garrett Alexander II to our research team. 

Oct 2017

- Each current undergraduate member of the group was awarded a research grant from the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics at Towson University. Excellent job, Kayla Martin-Culet, Ryan Dias, Tyler Swanson, and Marella Schammel!

- Prof. Sivey and a team of chemistry and physics faculty members at Towson University (led by Prof. Mary Devadas) was awarded a grant from the Fisher College Endowment. The project is entitled, Cross-Disciplinary Research Experience in Chemistry and Physics for Undergraduates to Catalyze Programmatic Enhancements and for Value-Added Employability.
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Sept 2017

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Aug 2017

- The group's research efforts were featured in the ARCS Foundation Newsletter.

- Prof. Sivey presented the group's bromination research to 150 international experts at the Gordon Research Conference on Disinfection By-Products in South Hadley, Massachusetts. 
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July 2017

- The group's bromination research was highlighted in the TU Alumni Newsletter. Great job!

- Garrett Taggart produced an informational video that encourages undergraduate students to participate in research. Nice work, Garrett!

- Prof. Sivey was featured in a Towson University video.

- Summer research is in full swing in Smith Hall, but the group managed to sneak outside for a quick team photo:
Back row:  Prof. Sivey, Tyler Swanson, Garrett Taggart, Ryan Dias, Zach Clark
Front row:  Marella Schammel, Kayla Martin-Culet, Farzin Farhad 

June 2017

- The Sivey research group was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to study the environmental fate of herbicide safeners. Collaborators on the project include Profs. Christopher Salice (TU Biology), David Cwiertny (University of Iowa, Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Hans-Joachim Lehmler (University of Iowa, Occupational and Environmental Health). 
National Science Foundation - Where Discoveries Begin

- Prof. Sivey's HONR 227 (The Polluted States of America) class visited the Philip Merrill Environmental Center in Annapolis, MD, in order to learn more about improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay.
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

- Farzin Farhad and Zachary Clark join the group as summer research interns. Welcome!

- Students from Prof. Sivey's HONR 227 (The Polluted States of America) course discovered environmental impacts associated with acidic precipitation and storm-water runoff in TU's Glen Arboretum. 

May 2017

Matthew Broadwater graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree. Congratulations, Matthew!  Best wishes in your next adventure at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Garrett Taggart delivered his Honors Thesis seminar. Nice job, Garrett!
The Sivey Lab and friends celebrate graduating research students 
and welcome new research students.

- Matthew Broadwater developed a video overview of how to conduct halogenation kinetics experiments. Check out the video here.

April 2017

- Members of Towson University's Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, their advisor (Prof. Keith Reber), and some TU alumni gathered at Prof. Sivey's home for an afternoon of food and games.

Matthew Broadwater successfully defended his undergraduate honors thesis. Great Job, Matthew!

- Garrett Taggart will begin graduate work this fall in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware. Congratulations, Garrett!
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Ryan DiasKayla Martin-Culet, Prof. Sivey, and AP biology students from Patapsco High School facilitated The Mathematics of Color and Light outreach event with math students at General John Stricker Middle School. This event was covered by two news outlets:


Kayla Martin-CuletRyan Dias and other TU researchers presented their work at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco. 

Kayla Martin-Culet at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.

Ryan Dias at the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.

TU students at the ACS Expo in San Francisco.

March 2017

- Group alum Allison Ricko co-authored a paper that was accepted for publication in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Prof. Sivey and collaborators from the Department of Biological Sciences at Towson University also served as co-authors of this work. 
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

- Marella Schammel joins the group as a new undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Marella!

- Garrett Taggart, Kayla Martin-Culet, and Ryan Dias received research grants from the Towson University Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry. Nice work!  

Kayla Martin-Culet and Ryan Dias received travel grants from the Towson University Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry. Congratulations!  

February 2017

- Garrett Taggart received a research grant from the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics. Great job!

- Group member Matthew Broadwater will begin PharmD studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill beginning in Fall 2017. Congratulations, Matthew!
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

- Prof. Sivey delivered a seminar to the Bromine Specialties group at the Albemarle Corporation in Baton Rouge, LA.


January 2017

- Prof. Sivey received a CAREER Grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The CAREER grant is the NSF’s most prestigious award for early-career faculty members who have demonstrated potential to serve as academic role models in research and education.This award will advance the group's bromine-related research and expand the group's outreach efforts in Baltimore County Public Schools.    
National Science Foundation - Where Discoveries Begin

December 2016   

Tyler Swanson joins the group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Tyler! 

- Alumni gathered for a holiday party at Prof. Sivey's home.

- Prof. Sivey presented an invited research seminar in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Temple University.

November 2016   

- The group is featured in a TU Research Spotlight article.

Kayla Martin-Culet and Ryan Dias received undergraduate research grants from the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics. Congratulations, Kayla and Ryan! 

October 2016   

Matthew Broadwater delivered a seminar to discuss the results of his Raspet Summer Research Fellowship. Great job, Matthew!

- Group photo for Fall 2016:
Sivey Research Group (Fall 2016)

August 2016  

The group was awarded a Pepsi Grant to support our ongoing outreach program entitled, "The Mathematics of Color and Light" in Baltimore  County Public Schools.
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-  Prof. Sivey co-organized a symposium at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia. The symposium was entitled, Advancing Teaching and Learning in Environmental Chemistry Courses: Innovative Tools and Techniques. Prof. Ning Dai (University of Buffalo) and  Prof. Amisha Shah (Purdue University) were also co-organizers.  

-  The research group gathered at Prof. Sivey's home for their annual summer BBQ.
Group members, alumni, and friends
Dinner is served.

Annual four-square competition

May 2016  

Matthew Broadwater received an Undergraduate Environmental Chemistry Award from the ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry. Well done!

April 2016  

Prof. Sivey directed an educational outreach activity with mathematics students at General John Stricker Middle School. The outreach activity was co-facilitated by members of the Science Club from Patapsco High School.
Middle school students participating in the "Mathematics of Color and Light"
outreach activity developed by Prof. Sivey and co-facilitated by Science Club
students from Patapsco HS.

- Undergraduate researchers Garrett Taggart and Matthew Broadwater presented research posters at the TU Research Expo. Nice job! 

Group alumna Allison Ricko received a 
Graduate Student Research Award from the Office of Graduate Studies at Towson University for her thesis entitled, “Anaerobic abiotic reduction of dichloroacetamide safeners: Effects of manganese oxides and agrochemical co-formulants”. Congratulations, Allison! 

-  Group alumnus Nick Race will begin graduate studies in the Department of Chemistry at the College of William & Mary in Summer 2016. Congratulations, Nick!

- Group alumnus Nick Sapienza will begin doctoral work in the Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech in Fall 2016. Congratulations, Nick!

March 2016  

- Matthew Broadwater was awarded a Raspet Summer Research Fellowship by the Department of Chemistry at Towson University.Congratulations!

- Prof. Sivey directed an educational outreach activity with 100 local 6th grade mathematics students.

- Prof. Sivey presented an invited research seminar in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Villanova University.

Garrett Taggart, Matthew Broadwater, and Prof. Sivey presented research at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego, CA. Garrett and Matthew received travel grants from the Towson University Office of Undergraduate Research and the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics. Nice work! 
Garrett Taggart
ACS Division of Chemical Education

Matthew Broadwater
ACS Division of Chemical Education

January 2016  

- The group's research involving "inert" ingredients in herbicide formulations was spotlighted in a segment on NPR's Academic Minute
The Academic Minute

- Group members Garrett Taggart, Matthew Broadwater, and Prof. Sivey coordinated an educational outreach event with the Science Club students at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts.

November 2015  

Kayla Martin-Culet and Ryan Dias join the group as new undergraduate researchers. Welcome Kayla and Ryan!

-  Nick Race successfully defended his undergraduate honors thesis. Congratulations, Nick!

Nick Race at his thesis defense seminar.

September 2015  

- Allison Ricko, Prof. Chris Salice, and Prof. Sivey, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Iowa, published a review article focusing on safeners in Environmental Science and Technology Letters.  

August 2015  

- Prof. Sivey was appointed as the Fisher Endowed Professor in the Biological and Physical Sciences (2015 - 2018).

-  Allison Ricko presented the results of her thesis research at the 250th ACS National Meeting in Boston, MA.  Well done, Allison!

Prof. Sivey and Allison Ricko
ACS Division of Agrochemistry

July 2015  

-   Prof. Sivey and colleagues from the Departments of Chemistry and Biology have been awarded a Major Research Instrumentation grant from the National Science Foundation to purchase an ultra performance liquid chromatograph interfaced with a time-of-flight mass spectrometer.
National Science Foundation - Where Discoveries Begin

-   Prof. Sivey delivered an invited lecture to undergraduate researchers at the University of Iowa.

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