Welcome to JSIS Enrichment Program!

After School Activities- Winter 2017

Registration for Winter will open at 6 pm on: Sunday December 4th and end on Sunday December 11th
Scholarship requests will begin on: November 13th
  • Winter 2017 Session:  Classes will start Monday January 9th and end Friday March 17th.  
  • Spring 2017 Session:  Classes will start Monday April 6th and end Friday June 9th 
If a class does not fill sufficiently, the vendor will notify you of cancellation.
Vendors will contact you to confirm successful registration. If you are uncertain or have questions, please contact the vendor.
Registrations made before enrollment start may be cancelled.  Do not enroll early as we monitor classes for early registration.

PARENT WAIVER REQUIRED:***NEW FOR 2016- complete your waiver electronically using link below***
The PTSA requires a parent waiver for each child (good for entire year) - please complete the waiver here

There is one full scholarship available (or two partial) for each class offering. Scholarships will be processed in the order requested and only one scholarship will be granted to a child per session.  Please fill out this form  to request a scholarship. It is best to request scholarships before registration begins or you will not be guaranteed a spot in the class! See more details here


Because the doors will be locked after school, all ASA pickup will be done at the gym.  All of the vendors will return to the gym with the students and the parent will sign their child out.  NO PARENTS ARE TO PICK THEIR STUDENT AT THE CLASSROOM.  ALL KIDS WILL BE DELIVERED TO THE GYM! LSA kids will be returned to LSA. It is very important to pick up children on time, class end times vary so please confirm.  The activity provider, not the JSIS office or PTSA are responsible to supervise students until pickup.  Activity providers will assess charges or suspend enrollment for late pickup.  


Winter Session 2016 at a Glance: 
ClassClass EndsNo Class OnVendorRoomVendor Email
Piano (K-5)See Description1/16, 2/20Music Lessons On Wheelsmusiclessonsonwheels@gmail.com
Hip Hop (2-5) NEW3:201/16, 2/20Metropolis DanceGyminfo@metropolisdance.com
Silly Snacks (K-2)3:501/16, 2/20Little Explorers3rd Floor Hallwaylittleexplorersoffice@gmail.com
Fiber Art (1-5)3:501/16, 2/20Little Hands CreationsLibrarylittlehandscreations@gmail.com
Piano (K-5)See Description2/21Music Lessons On Wheelsmusiclessonsonwheels@gmail.com
Stone Soup (2-3)3:352/21Stone Soup TheaterLibrary
Scary Tales (K-2)3:202/21Young Writers Academyerin@youngwritersacademy.com
Knitting (1-5)3:502/21Little Hands CreationsComputer Roomlittlehandscreations@gmail.com
Dinner Club (1-5)3:502/21Rainy Day Dinner Club3rd Floor Hallwayrainydaydinnerclub@gmail.com
3D Printing (3-5)3:352/21Smart with Art
School Play (4-5)3:502/1, 2/22Seattle's Littlest PerformersNani 402
Chess (K-5)3:202/1, 2/22Chess for LifeMatemela 213josh@chess4life.com
Coding (3-5)3:502/1, 2/22CreativeCoding4Kidsteachers@creativecoding4kids.com
Daisy Pastels (K-5)3:502/1, 2/22Daisy Fine Arts3rd Floor Hallwaydaisy@daisyfineart.com
Wilderness (3-5)3:502/1, 2/22Seattle Adventure SportsOutsidedon@seattleadventuresports.com
Piano (K-5)See Description2/23Music Lessons On Wheelsmusiclessonsonwheels@gmail.com
Carpentry (1-5)3:502/23Seattle Kids Carpentry3rd Floor Hallwaymail@kidscarpentryseattle.com
Comic Book Writing (2-5)3:202/23Young Writers Academyerin@youngwritersacademy.com
Fashion Club (1-5)3:502/23Ms Reese Fashion ClubLibrarymaresacogger@gmail.com
3D printing (3-5)3:352/23Smart with Art
Lego (K-2)3:202/23Margretta 212
Tennis (K-5)3:202/24TGAGymbkirkpatrick@playtga.com
Sewing (1-5)3:502/24Little Hands CreationsLibrarylittlehandscreations@gmail.com
School Play (4-5)3:502/24Seattle's Littlest Performers
Carpentry (1-5)3:502/24Seattle Kids Carpentry3rd Floor Hallwaymail@kidscarpentryseattle.com