Associate Professor Jeffrey Shragge
Center for Wave Phenomena
Geophysics Department
Colorado School of Mines
924 16th Street, Room 260K
Golden, CO 80401-1877, USA
Email: jshragge [AT]

Courses (and Co-teaching):

 GPGN435 Geophysical Computing (2019-pres) CSM
 MATH348 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (2018) CSM
 GPGN404 Digital Signal Processing (2017-pres) CSM
 GEOS5503  Petroleum Resources (2015-16)  UWA
 GEOP4002  Geophysics Field Camp (2016-17)  UWA
 SHPC4001  Principles of Scientific Computation (2016-17)  UWA
 SHPC5001  High-Performance Scientific Computing (2016-W)  UWA

For prospective students
There are a number of opportunities for motivated students to find projects at the undergraduate, MSc or PhD level.  Anyone interested can inquire by email on available positions and technical topics that are currently being investigated.  

Current Graduate Students (CSM or otherwise)

 Hani AlzahraniPhD Geophysics Lead  2019-
 Can OrenPhD Geophysics Lead 2018-
 Jihyun YangPhD GeophysicsLead  2018-
 Dana SirotaMSc Humanitarian GeophysicsLead 2018-
Tugrul Konuk PhD GeophysicsLead 2018-
 Lee Tasker PhD Civil Engineering (UWA) Co2014-
James Deeks PhD Geophysics  (UWA) Co2011-

Previous Students & Collaborating Researchers

 Dr. Aaron Girard Geophysics 2019 (UWA) Colorado School of Mines
 Dr. Thomas HoskinGeophysics 2018 (UWA)UWA
 Dr. Rafael de SouzaGeophysics 2017 (UWA)UWA
Dr. Ben Witten Geophysics 2017 (UWA)Nanometrics
 Dr. Lisa Gavin Geophysics 2015 (UWA) Woodside Petroleum 
  Dr. Matthew Saul Geophysics 2014 (UWA)  Chevron

Cameron Powell  Comp. Physics 2016 (UWA) CGG (Perth)
 Ben Tapley Comp. Physics 2016 (UWA)  NTNU 
 Huan Dong Geoscience 2015 (UWA) --- 
 Tunde AdekoyaGeoscience 2014 (UWA) Wireline Services Group 
 Steven OkekeGeoscience 2014 (UWA)--- 

 Jefferson Bustamante  Geophysics 2016 (UWA)  Université de Montréal
 Dara Mullins  Geophysics 2016 (UWA)  Woodside Petroleum
 Simon Shook  Physics 2015 (UWA)  Woodside Petroleum
 Matt James  CSSE 2012 (UWA)  Oracle

Dr. Toby Potter Geophysics Postdoc (UWA)  Pelagos Consulting  
Robin Weiss GPU Ninja 2012 (UWA)  Belvedere Trading, LLC 
Dr. Tatiana Rodriguez  Research Associate (UWA) Alces Technology 
 Dr. UGeun Jang Postdoc (UWA) Polar Research Institute (Korea) 


 2009  PhD Geophysics  Stanford University
 2001  MSc Geophysics  University of British Columbia
 1998 BScH Physics   Queen's University

 2017-Associate Professor Colorado School of Mines 
2013-2017  Associate Professor  University of Western Australia
2012-2013  Research Associate Professor  University of Western Australia
2009-2012 Research Assistant Professor   University of Western Australia
2002-2009  Research Assistant  Stanford University
2001-2002  Project Geophysicist Hager Geoscience, MA, USA 
1998-2001  Research Assistant   University of British Columbia

Honors and Awards
2018 ICGCG Best Paper Award (Lee Tasker, Ph.D. co-supervisee co-author)
2014   Vice-Chancellor's Award for Early-Career Research, UWA
2013  Best Student Paper (Matt Saul, co-advisee), SEG Annual Meeting 
2012   Best Paper (Seismology) Award, ASEG Meeting (with D. Lumley)
2010  J. Clarence Karcher Award, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, SEG 

Professional Society Affiliations
Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)
Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG)
European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE)
American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Seismological Society of America (SSA)

Journal Editing and Grant Reviewing
Geophysics (Editor-in-Chief) 
Geophysical Journal International
Geophysical Prospecting
Journal of Geophysical Research
Canadian Journal of Exploration Geophysics
Bulletin Seismological Society of America
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
US National Science Foundation
Australia Research Council
National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Basic research
3D acoustic and elastic wave propagation, 3D/4D velocity inversion, 
3D/4D Reverse-time migration (RTM), wave-equation migration,
rock physics, computational geometry and differential meshing

Applied research
Near-surface geophysics: Ground penetrating radar, magnetics, conductivity profiling, resistivity, seismic reflection/refraction 

                 General Purpose GPU computing, CUDA
                     Parallel Programming (OpenMP, MPI)

          Collaborating Organisations

                    Society of Exploration Geophysicists
                    Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
                    Australian Research Council
                    Geoscientists without Borders  

Recent Publications (2014-19)
Note: * indicates student first author.
    1. *Konuk, T. and J. Shragge, expected 2019, Mimetic finite-difference modeling of time-varying sea-surface effects on seismic data: Geophysics (Accepted).
    2. *Riera, R., J. Bourget, V. Paumard, M.E.J. Wilson, J. Shragge, J. Borgomano, T. Wilson and A.D. George, 2020, A 400km2 pseudo-unconformity identified from 3D seismic data (North West Shelf Australia): A diagenetic origin?: Geology (Accepted).
    3. Shragge, J., J. Bourget, D. Lumley, J. Giraud, T. Wilson, A. Iqbal, M. Niri, B. Whitney, T. Potter, T. Miyoshi, and B. Witten, 2019, The Western Australia Modelling (WAMo) Project. Part 1: Geomodel Building: Interpretation (Accepted)..
    4. Shragge, J., D. Lumley, J. Bourget,  T. Potter, T. Miyoshi, B. Witten,  J. Giraud, T. Wilson, A. Iqbal, M. Niri, and B. Whitney, 2019, The Western Australia Modelling (WAMo) Project. Part 2: Seismic Validation: Interpretation (Accepted)..
    5. *Girard, A. and, J. Shragge, 2019Direct Migration of Ambient Seismic Data: I. Synthetic Tests: Geophysical Prospecting (Accepted).
    6. *Girard, A. and, J. Shragge2019Automated Processing Strategies for Ambient Seismic Data: Geophysical Prospecting (Accepted).
    7. *Rocha, D., P. Sava, J. Shragge, and B. Witten, 2019, 3D Passive Wavefield Imaging using the Energy Norm: Geophysics, 84, no. 2, K13-KS27K.
    8. *Bustamante, J., J. Shragge and D. Lumley, 2019, A Comparison of Rock Physics Models for Stress-related Azimuthal Anisotropy in Seismic Data: Accepted in Exploration Geophysics.
    9. Potter, T., J. Shragge and D. Lumley, 2018, Performance and Stability of the Double Absorbing Boundary method: Geophysics, 84, no. 2, T59-T72.
    10. *Tasker, L., A. Karrech, J. Shragge and M. Josh, 2018, 4D Monitoring of Internal Deformation within a Concrete Structure using Single-Channel Ground Penetrating Radar: Construction and Building Materials, 191, 300-310.
    11. *de Souza, R., D.E. Lumley, J. Shragge, A. Davolio, and D.J. Schiozer, 2018, Combining Time-lapse Seismic and Production Data for Systematic Reservoir Model Classification and Assessment: Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, 15, no. 4, 561.
    12. *Johnson, J., M. Merrilees, J. Shragge and K. van Wijk, 2018, All-Optical Laser-Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging of Calcified Atherosclerotic Plaque: Photonics, 9, 62-72.
    13. *Witten, B., and J. Shragge, 2017, Microseismic Image-domain Velocity Inversion: Marcellus Shale Case Study: Geophysics, 82, no. 6, KS99-KS112.
    14. *Witten, B., and J. Shragge, 2017, Image-domain Velocity Inversion and Event Location for Microseismic Monitoring: Geophysics, 82, no. 5, KS71-KS83.
    15. Shragge, J. and B. Tapley, 2017, Solving the Tensorial 3D Acoustic Wave Equation: A Mimetic Finite-Difference Time-Domain Approach: Geophysics, 82, no. 4, T183-T196.
    16. Shragge, J., D. Lumley, N. Issa, T. Hoskin, A. Paterson and J. Green, 2017, Surveying Batavia’s Graveyard: Geophysical controlled experiments and subsurface imaging of archaeological Sites on an Indian Ocean coral island: Geophysics, 82, no. 4, B147-B163.
    17. *Johnson, J., J. Shragge and K. van Wijk, 2017, Non-confocal all-optical laser-ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging system for angle-dependent deep tissue imaging: Journal of Biomedical Optics, 22, 4, 041014.
    18. *Souza, R., D. Lumley and J. Shragge, 2017, Estimation of reservoir fluid saturation from 4D seismic data: Effects of noise on seismic amplitude and impedance attributes: Journal of Geophysical Engineering, 14, 51-68.
    19. Shragge, J., 2016, Acoustic Wave Propagation in Tilted Transversely Isotropic (TTI) Media: Incorporating Topography: Geophysics, 81, no 5., C265-C278.
    20. Shragge, J., T.E. Blum, K. van Wijk and L. Adam, 2015, Full Wavefield Modeling and Reverse-time Migration of Laser Ultrasound Data: A Feasibility Study: Geophysics, 80, no. 6, D553-D563.
    21. *Witten, B., and J. Shragge, 2015, Extended Wave-equation Imaging Conditions for Passive Seismic Data: Geophysics, 80, no. 6, WC61-WC72.
    22. Shragge, J., 2014, Solving the 3D Acoustic Wave-equation on Generalized Structured Meshes: A FDTD Approach: Geophysics, 79, no. 6, T363-T378.
    23. Spratt, J., M.C. Dentith, S. Evans, A.R.A. Aitken, M. Lindsay, J.A. Hollis, I.M. Tyler, A. Joly, and J. Shragge, 2014, A Magnetotelluric Survey Across the Kimberley Craton, Northern Western Australia, WA Department of Mines and Petroleum, Report 136.
    24. Shragge, J., 2014, Reverse-time migration from topography: Geophysics, 79, no. 4, P1-P12.

Manuscripts Submitted or in Preparation

  1. Paterson, A., J. Green, D. Franklin, L. Smits, J. Shragge, T. Hoskin, N. Issa, M. Manders, W. van Duivenvoorde, C. Souter, R. Anderson, M. Nash and A. Flavel, expected 2019. The Unlucky Voyage: The archaeology of the survivors and victims of the Batavia (1629) shipwreck, Western Australia: Submitted to Antiquity.
  2. *Sousa, R., D. Lumley, J. Shragge, A. Davolio and D. Schiozer, expected 2019, 4D Seismic Bandwidth and Resolution Analysis for Reservoir Fluid-flow Model Applications: Submitted to Interpretation.
  3. Dunmire, D. J. Lenaerts, A. Banwell, N. Wever, J. Shragge, S. Lhermitte, R. Drews, F. Pattyn, I. Willis, J. Miller and E. Keenan, expected 2020, Observations of subsurface lake drainage on the Antarctic Ice Sheet: Submitted to Nature Geoscience. 
  4. *Oren, C. and J. Shragge, expected 2020, 3D Elastic Time-Reverse Imaging of Surface-Recorded Microseismic Data: VTI Media Effects: To be submitted to Geophysics.
  5. *Konuk, T., and J. Shragge, expected 2020, 3D Anisotropic Tensorial Elastodynamics: To be submitted to Geophysics.

Recent Conference Abstracts (2014-19)
    1. Singh, H., J. Shragge and I. Tsvankin, 2019, Coupled-domain Acoustic-Elastic Solver for Anisotropic Media: A Mimetic Finite-difference approach: 92nd Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 38, 3755-3759.
    2. *Graham, D., D. Lumley, W. Zhou, J. Shragge and J. Bourget, 2019, Interpretation-Based Full Waveform Inversion of a Western Australia Data Set: 92nd Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 38, 1863-1867.
    3. Shragge, J., J. Yang, N. Issa, M. Roelens, M. Dentith and S. Schediwy,  2019, Low-frequency Ambient Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS): Useful for Subsurface Investigation?: SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 38, 968-973. 
    4. *Konuk, T., and J. Shragge, 2019, 3D Tensorial elastodynamics for anisotropic media: 92nd Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 38, 3934-3938.
    5. *Oren, C., and J. Shragge, 2019, 3D Anisotropic Elastic Time-reverse Imaging of Surface-recorded Microseismic Data: 92nd Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 38, 3076-3080.
    6. *Sirota, D., J. Shragge, R. Krahenbuhl and A. Swidinsky, 2019, Low-cost DC Resistivity Instrument Design for Humanitarian Geophysics: Presented at SAGEEP 2019. 
    7. *Konuk, T. and J. Shragge, 2018, Mimetic finite-difference modeling of time-varying sea-surface effects on seismic data: 91st Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 37.
    8. *Souza, R., D. Lumley, J. Shragge, A. Davolio and D. Schiozer, 2018, Analysis of Time-Lapse Seismic and Production Data for Systemic Reservoir Model Classification and Assessment: presented at AEGC 2018.
    9. *Rocha, D., P. Sava, J. Shragge, and B. Witten, expected 2018, 3D Passive Wavefield Imaging using the Energy Norm: EAGE.
    10.  Shragge, J., 2017, Tensorial Elastodynamics for Isotropic Media on Vertically Deformed Meshes: 90th Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 36, 4034-4038.
    11.  Rocha, D., J. Shragge and P. Sava, 2016, Passive wavefield imaging using the energy norm: 89th Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 35, 2580-2585.
    12.  *Witten, B., and J. Shragge, 2016, Full-wavefield tomography for seismic monitoring: 89th Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 35, 2513-2517.
    13.  *Girard, A., and J. Shragge, 2016Extracting body waves from ambient seismic recordings: 89th Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 35, 2715-2719.
    14.  *Adekoya, T., G. McGrath, M. Leopold, J. Shragge, A. Challis, J. Stevens, and B. Miller, 2015, Time-lapse Geophysical Monitoring of the Subsurface Hydrology at Kings Park, Western Australia: European Geophysical Union, GEU2015-8396-1.
    15. Adam, L., J. MacFarlane, K. van Wijk, J. Shragge and K. Higgs, 2015, Monitoring the effects of CO2 injection on carbonate-cemented sandstones with elastic waves: 88th Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 34.
    16.  *Witten, B., and J. Shragge, 2015, Passive extended imaging conditions for microseismic velocity QC, 88th Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 34.
    17.  Adam L., J. MacFarlane, K. van Wijk, J. Shragge and K. Higgs, 2015, Monitoring how Carbonate Cement Dissolution Affects Dissolution Properties due to CO2 Injection: 3rd International Workshop on Rock Physics.
    18. *Johnson, J., J. Shragge, and K. van Wijk, 2015, Image reconstruction of multi-channel photoacoustic and laser-ultrasound data using reverse-time migration: SPIE Annual General Meeting.
    19. *Witten, B. and J. Shragge, 2015, Extended imaging conditions for passive seismic data: ASEG General Meeting.
    20. *Witten, B. and J. Shragge, 2014, Elastic velocity updating through Image-Domain Tomographic Inversion of Passive Seismic Data: AGU Annual General Meeting.
    21. Spratt J., M.C. Dentith, S. Evans, A. Aitken, M. Lindsay, J.A. Hollis, I.M. Tyler, A. Joly, and J. Shragge, 2014, A magnetotelluric survey across the Kimberley Craton, northern Western Australia: 22nd EM Induction Workshop.
    22. Weiss, R., J. Shragge, 2014, Adding GPU-Acceleration to open-source 3D Elastic Wave Modelling: GPU Technology Conference, S4599.
    23. *Nakpathom, A., J. Shragge, C. Boonyasiriwat and R. Kamei, 2014, Visco-acoustic Full Waveform Inversion for Estimation of Seismic Velocity and Quality Factor: ANSCSE18, Si Racham Thailand 25.