Animated Visualization for Constrained Displays

Animation is often utilized to augment visualization software.
Smooth animation can help users maintain context when navigating large data sets, or when exploring three dimensional volumes.  Furthermore, it is a natural fit for visualizing change in time-varying data sets.

We have also found animation useful in enhancinging the visualization of static geospatial data from the 2000 U.S. Census.
With animation, we can effectively present data on resolution-constrained displays, avoid misleading geospatial layouts, assist users in building a "mental model" of the data, and provide a visually pleasing experience.  We introduce Cenimation -- Census Animation. 

Cenimation gains display resolution through time to accomodate very small displays. Even for small geographic census areas, minorities are given a fair shot at available screen real estate.  Instead of being relegated to a few available pixels, the can fill the entire display, albeit for a few moments only.

Nationalities and Population are well represeted.  Careful use of color, and a bubbling effect in small, populous areas, delivers the data's message.

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Maryland, using various Cenimation effects.